Come and see our beautiful nunatak!

Suilven Mountain, Sutherland,Scotland

What is a nunatak?

A nunatak is a mountain peak or other rock formation that stands above a glacier or ice sheet. This particular nunatak rises above ice fields during about half of the year.

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Some historical information

According to locals, the name Suilven comes from the Norse words, "Pillar Mountain" because of this mountain's distinct shape. Obviously, the Vikings arrived in this area first.

For tourists

One of the many ways get to Suilven is to start out in Lochinver and walk to the mountain through a rugged swamp.

Note:No public forms of transportation are available. All visitors welcome.

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Self-led tours

The good news about self led tours is that no one else is holding you back! However, we encourage you to exercise caution when climbing the mountain. Although it isn't very tall it is still a mountain and requires extreme physical exertion to climb. We do not encourage minors or seniors to climb.
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Best season to come

We encourage all tourists to come during the winter because that is when the nunatak can be seen. A word of caution though, the mountain can become very slippery when ice forms. Please be cautious.