out of the dust

Karen Hesse

Main character

Billie Joe


The mom is having a baby and the dad wanted a boy but it turned out to be a girl. the mom try to have more bays but they never turned out to be right. Then later Billie Joe had a best friend but then later she was moving to California she was very sad. Arley wanted Billie Joe to play piano at the Palace and she did great and she love playing the piano. Ma is having a baby. There is a big drought going on and they are loosing a lot of wheat of plants. The mom got in fire by cooking and Billie Jo got a little Burt too soo then mom died while have a baby boy and they were gonna name him Frankilen. Then she runs always form home because she felt alone the she meet this guy and was talking then she decided to come back home and her and her father got along alt more and then her farther meet Louise and she is very nice and Billie Jo like her a lot and then they became happy again :)))




the conflict is nature vs it self, the drought and the wind kill the crops.