Internet Connection 4 Progresstion

One Method Today, Another Tomorrow

Luxury or Necessity

As technology advances, we use different tools to do the same job we did before but we make it easier to do those things. Laptops are one of those things that people aren’t sure if they belong in the classroom or not. Laptops in the classroom are completely necessary for learning and progressing our education. They can be used for just a wide variety of things.

Reduce the weight on your back and increase the weight in your wallet

You could lighten your backpack of all those books, binders, papers, and all worksheets because you just need a portable laptop in your bag that carries all your work and books inside its memory and on the internet. It would also cut spending down at schools because they wouldn’t have to buy the new textbooks for students. Instead, they just have to put it on a site like net school for students to access.
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Bringing help home

Technology use for school can benefit both in class and out of class. Kids that struggle and have parents to help are benefited, and the parents could see what they are doing and help so it makes the parents involvement greater, which is also a plus. The program "is forever changing the way teachers and students interact with one another in and out of the classroom,”

Evolution, substitution. Same thing.

So laptops are just educations way of evolution. We can now go online and watch videos and look at websites to learn things. Books could one day be replaced by computers just like the abacus was replaced by the calculator. Technology should change with the people. As we acquire more tools, we use them to shape the world we live in to make it a more proficient, advanced, and just an all-around, smarter world. We need to learn to let go of old methods and accept change so we can improve. ­ One day, I’m sure education will evolve past computers and book work. But for now, I have to have an internet connection for progression.



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