Ethan and Jace

Rejection (Free Verse)

In this house there came to be

A girl with mind innocent and free.

But she could not begin to see

The pain she would rain on a boy named me.

One day, after asking of the belly she wore

Her mother told her of a baby knocking on the door.

“I do not see this baby,” she cried, “please don’t tell me you lied.”

She had always wanted a sibling of which to care,

And a cruel trick like that made her heart start to tear.

“No my child, wait and see, in this house a boy will come to be.”

She waited so long, her heart starting to twist,

For a brother she would have held and kissed.

Finally, on the day she turned three,

In her house, I came to be.

Even though her desire came true,

After a few years she started to rue.

“He clings to me, he wants to sleep in my bed,

I need my space,” she said in her head.

So she pushed him away, a rejection of affection,

While he waited there, thinking of misconception.

“I know!” he cried. “I’ll play with her more,

Then she will see the heart at my core.”

But as he tried, nothing would make her heart open wide.

Seeing his sister was gone, he sat and cried.

He loved her so much, and he could not see,

What had happened to what use to be.

It is true that in this house I came to be.

But in this place, a part died in me.

The Llama (Haiku)

I have a llama

It is a sassy llama

Llamas are drama.
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