Born at Midnight Theme

By: C.C Hunter


Everyone belongs some where and were all trying to figure out where that is. I feel as though this was the main theme in my novel.

Part 1

Part 2

My Name my Story
Who: The kids at school who feel left out or bullied because they're different.
What: My name my story (MNMS) is a school club to enspire unity and empathy of the student body.
When: Its up to the school to schedule what days the meets happen. However there are usually two big activity nights.
Where: The meetings can be held at the school but the two big activity nights can be held at community centers or local venues.
Why: The whole purpose of MNMS is for kids at school who feel left out or different to come and talk about it and meet new people. It is also to let kids know that someone cares.
How: MNMS allows people from your school come together and talk. You could tell stories od bullies or give advice from past experiences.
What theme do you see reflected in this current issue/event? That someone somewhere cares and your not alone.
How do these connections contribute to your understanding of your novel? They help because in my novel Kylie, the main character, gets sent to a camp and finally feels accepted like how people feel about this program and what it does.
How do these connections contribute to your understanding of theme? Many people who are in MNMS were bullied or felt left out or unaccepted and when they join they get to talk about it to people who care.

Part 3

One time I saw a girl in gym class getting made of because she wasn't athletic. She seemed shy and never interested in learning a new game or sport. Every year our school puts on a play and it just so happened to be the same month that girl got made fun of. When we all take our seats and wait for the show to start I realize that the main part was that same girl. I was completely shocked because she was so amazing at theater. This story relates to my theme because this girl may have seemed like an outcast in gym but was a star on stage.