Desert Biome

By: Carol Martin

Desert Description

Throughout the year, the desert is consistently hot. There is little rainfall during the winter. Generally, the amount of rainfall that occurs in the desert is around 10 inches a year. Most deserts are located between 15 degrees latitude south and 35 degrees latitude north.

Abiotic Factors

Some abiotic factors that are found in the hot and dry deserts include sand (the soil of the desert), rainfall, and small bodies of water.

Biotic Factors

Some biotic factors that are found in the desert biomes include lizards, snakes, kangaroo rats, spiders, scorpions, camels, coyotes, cacti, mosses, stonecrops, and more.

Animal Adaptations

In most hot and dry deserts, animals have to adapt to certain hot conditions. For example, the camel had to adapt to the lack of water in the desert. When this happened, camels had the advantage of going without water for a long time.

Another example is the Fennec Fox. The fox adapted long ears so that they can reflect heat. This also relates to the kangaroo rats.

Plant Adaptations

Unlike most plants, the desert yellow fleabane has adapted so that its hairs on the leaves shade the plant to help reduce water loss.

Another example of a plant adaption includes additional spines and spikes to the stems to discourage animals from eating that plant for its water.

The Desert's Community Interaction

The desert biome's food chain:

Primary producers- Cacti, plants, and mosses

Primary consumers- Ants and rodents

Secondary consumers- Snakes and lizards

Tertiary consumers- Hawks and foxes

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Deserts: Global Environments

Importance of the Desert Biome

One of the many importance uses of the desert biome includes the much-needed resource called sand. Sand is used up and with the millions of miles that the deserts consume. The product is endless.

The Human Impacts on the Desert

1. Humans have added irrigation.

2. Humans have developed cities.

3. Humans have added pollution.

4. Humans have done oil drilling in the desert biome.


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