Renaissance Culture

renaissance history


there religion was ''Roman Catholic'' and ''Europe Humanism''.These religion's had to be believe or you were killed or punished.punished. People are so scared that they had to follow or believe in those religion's.


Along time ago renaissance people spoke Italian or Tuscany .

Visitors mostly came from Spain so they talk Hispanic.

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The food they most eat is salads ,roast and soup's is what they eat.They usaly eat soup they didn't find the enough in ingredients to make other good food like pizza.Soup was the only thing they talk about eating.

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The housing of the renaissance was big tall buildings, a king and queen house was a castle because they ruled the whole country .Normal people live in houses made out of brick and stone .Important people live in big towers with 12-16 rooms.

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People during the renaissance time had to ride horses or vagabond riding around to go to places .Taxi's horses had to be colored red so people would recognize them.We improve transportation now in day's .

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There are many types of arts during the renaissance time .There was a person name Leonardo Sfumato ,he drew the mona lisa picture now people all over the world are looking at that picture or art thing for year's everyone loves that picture.

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Michelangelo build the statute of David . He also made houses for people new .He also created the great building called dines de Miguel. Now.Now in day people usually make their own house and building.

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