Pittsford Community Church - Mission Workers

International Missionaries:

Bushes, John & Elsie - Retired - Pennsylvania, Wycliffe

Campbell, Cheddy & Jen - Sabu, Indonesia, Wycliffe

Downings, Scott & Suz - Africa, Team

Hakes, Kierstin - Eurasia, AG World

Hamptons, Bill & Theresa - Pennsylvania, Wycliffe

Hudsons, Paul & Clare - Semi-Retired - Africa/South Carolina, SIM

Hunter, Bill & Yolanda - Guinea, Pioneer Bible Translators

Jacob, Dave & Angie - China/Wisconsin, AG World

Johnson, Adelle - EurasiaAvant

Jones, Brandon & Marci - Brazil, North American Baptists

Kelly, Tim - New York/Tanzania, Elim Fellowship

Le, Khanh - Avant

Moulton, Keith & Karen - France, Christar

Rohr, Kayla - Bahamas/Virginia, ICCD

Schlosser, Gail - New York, Pioneers

Springer, Bob & Jan - Indiana, FEBC

Thelander, Keir & Joanna - Ohio/Africa, PAACS

Turners, Tom & Debbie - Mexico/Virginia, ICCD

International Missions:

Seed Company - Bible Translation

One Hope Asia (Tina & Ruth)

Patkai College (Tuisem & Margaret Shishak) - India, Advancing Native Missions

Uruguiana Brazil- Sister Church, Brazil

Home Missions & Missionaries:

441 Ministries - Rochester, NY

Bethany Christian Services - New York

CareNet Pregnancy Support - Rochester, NY

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry - Rochester, NY

Iamaio, John & Laura - Rochester, NYRochester, CRU

Kuechen, Barb - Florida, Ethnos 360

Meacham, Jill - Florida/Rochester, CRU

Page, Nicole - Geneseo, NY, Intervarsity

Porpilia, Marc - South Carolina, Hockey Ministries International

Rochester Family Mission - Rochester, NY

Schoenheit, Doug - New York, AWANA

Youth for Christ - Rochester, NY

Missions Highlights March 2021



Community OutReach- (COR) March Missional Initiative

March's MI is for you to host a small Easter Egg Hunt right in your own backyard. PCC will provide the BOX full of everything you need to host this event. You just need to invite the kids with the enclosed invite cards and pray!! To get a Box, sign up via email at Pittsfordccoutreach@gmail.com or at the church table. Boxes can be picked up at the tables either Sunday 3/14 or 3/21. You choose the date of your Egg Hunt. Boxes Include enough supplies for 8 participants: plastic eggs, candy, resurrection eggs [that tell the gospel story], invites for your neighbors, and coloring sheets with crayons. Contact Elaine Pragle or Robynlyn Ketchum at Pittsfordccoutreach@gmail.com for more information.


Seed Company - Bible Translation by Sweena Varghese


  1. 5- Day Reading Plan: In partnership with YouVersion we are excited to offer a valuable tool: a 5-day reading plan that lays the foundation for a meaningful prayer life, all year long. Each day has a video, devotion, and scripture verses to go along with the reading.
    Learn 5 powerful yet simple prayer habits in only a few minutes a day.
  2. Seed Company’s 2020 Annual report has been released. Get your digital copy today .
  3. Birthday Campaigns: We are working on adding peer-to-peer campaigns to help individuals support Bible Translation. If this is something, you or someone you know may please let me know. Here is an example of my own birthday campaign
  4. Webinar replay: If you missed the live Zoom call with Seed Company’s Ambassador and former Super Bowl Champion, Jason Elam, and the cofounders of BibleProject you can still watch the webinar. Click Here
Below is a devotion I wrote for Generosity:NY

As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:10-11


It’s sometimes hard to believe that words can have such power over us, but we’ve all been there. Words of love, affirmation or delight can inspire us. They motivate us to action, or they cause us to pause and reflect. However, words used carelessly or in anger can lead us into a tailspin of worry, self-doubt, and shame. Yes, our words can love or hate, hurt or heal. But the difference between God’s words and ours is this: when He speaks, a harvest is always the result (Isaiah 55:10-11).

How do we respond when God’s word comes to us? Maybe we don’t trust His words because we’ve seen how our own words, or the words of others, can be tainted with ulterior motives. But with God’s words, mountains can move, pain can heal, or the unlikely leader can rise to accomplish great things. His words are full of life-changing power. Every achievement and breakthrough in life begins with a word from the Lord. When He speaks, the power to fulfill His promise comes along His words.

God wants us to know Him intimately, to trust that His words will do a good job in us and in the ones we love. For every word that convicts, He is there to heal (Isaiah 53:5). When darkness overwhelms, He wants to be the lifter of your head (Psalm 3:3). When you need wisdom, He wants to offer it (James 1:5). And when you run away from His love, He longs for your return (Matthew 23:37).

He speaks to us exactly what He wants us to hear when He wants us to hear it. And when we receive it, we are to expect a harvest! Fill in the blank: God’s word gives me __________. Maybe some of these words can apply. Power. Hope. Peace. Sustenance for our soul. Joy. Answers. Promises. Direction.

The Lord pursues us with His words. Will you let it produce a harvest? Will you let God’s Word give you the life-changing power you need? Will you allow His words to help bring life to a person near you? What would your life look like if you didn’t have access to God’s Word?

Almighty Father, thank you for pursuing us with your words. Thank you for the life-changing power you give us with your words. May the words from my mouth breathe life to the people around me. May a harvest grow where I live. May my community be transformed by the power of your Word. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

Sweena Varghese