Tiger Family Newsletter 11/2-8

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

November is the month when fall finally arrives in Redding. At school, we have come to the end of what feels like the very long month of October with its 31 days and no school holidays. Students have been taking their Trimester 1 assessments and teachers are working hard to craft their report cards. This week I want to highlight two important topics relevant to where we are right now.

First, as we connect with you for conferences November 16-20, I want to remind everyone to be both optimistic and realistic. We must all remember that our students have missed a lot of instruction. The reality is that MOST students are not where they typically should be at this time of year. Time missed from the classroom from shelter-in-place, required time at home for illness/symptoms, and shortened school days will have an effect on student learning. However, there is every reason to be optimistic about the resilience of children (and adults). When teachers talk with you about your child's progress, the focus of the conversation will be on GROWTH. Has your child made growth since we last assessed them and how can we accelerate that growth?

Secondly, it is important that we continue to do all we can as individuals and as a collective group to stay healthy. Schools in our district and across the county are being affected by positive Covid cases and other seasonal illnesses. In order to remain open, we must be meticulous about wearing our masks, washing our hands, keeping our distance, and staying home if we have any symptoms of illness. Please join me in committing to these practices so that we can keep our school open and continue having at-school-in-person instruction.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

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Symptom Decision Tree

Here is a link to the district's decision tree.
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Parent Portal

If you still need help setting up your Parent Portal in PowerSchool, here is a link that will guide you through the steps.

If Your Child is on DL

in 4th or 5th grade, you can check the link by the teacher's name below to access their schedule and know when their live meeting(s) are and what to expect for the day.