Satire and the Like.

Big G Money

It depends on the situation...

The men at the table are obviously building a nuclear weapon. The Persian man at the door claims they're not doing such

activities. Another Persian man claims they're taking a cofee break. This is obviously situational irony. It's situational because what is happening is contrary to what is appropriate, obviously.

This is a good example of burlesque. While these men in the payday loan industry are not in fact Mr.Satan and such, they might as well be. The payday loan market is known for charging high interest rates in the hope of getting people to not pay back, so that the debtors may be sued or led into higher debt. This cartoon is depicting common opinion of these men.
This is juvenalian satire. It has kind of a strong tone intended to criticise the republican party on its views on welfare. It makes a remark that is exaggerated in order to get its point across. Giving someone water won't make someone dependent on it, but the republicans think it will.
This would be considered travesty. There has been a wave of sexual assault claims in the military lately. This is because in order to complain about your conditions in the military you must go through your superior officer. If your superior officer is the one assaulting you, then it's hard to complain about it. Recently though, the military has tried to make it easier to report such things. So this would be considered travesty because it takes a serious issue and makes fun of it.