glass castle

Colin malloy


Article 1-BPD

I believe this describes rosemary because she can not have close relationships. it is like her relationship with Rex. some days their relationship is good and other days they are terrible. rosemary has periods where she is depressed a lot. rose Mary acted like that when she was in welch

"Periods of intense depressed mood, irritability or anxiety lasting a few hours to a few days.''

civil disobedience

This describes Rex Walls. whenever he owed someone money and people were after him they moved. He never paid any bills and was always evading those who collected. Rex Walls never trusts anything related with the government, and is always running from them. When Jeannette got burned and was in the hosptial . Rex came to the hospital because he didnt trust them, and took Jeannette out , even though they were treating her very well, and she was having a good time. Walls also is running from tax collectors, he is a very Rebellious person.


''It involves memory, motivation, and emotional state''. I beleive that emotinal state, is what is effecting Rex. He is very upset, and is kind of lazy and unmotivated. When Rex gets bored, he just starts to drink, and wastes all of his money, and the familtys money on booze. He is an alchohlic, and drinking alchohol all the time really effects his memory and motivation. He is now unmotivated to push the family to do bettter things, and strive for greatness.


The Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act, could have helped Jeannette and her whole family when they were growing up. Instead of having to be nomadic, and moving around trying to scavenge for food, they could have had a place to stay every night. They wouldnt have to worry about where the famils is going to sleep, or if they are going to go hungry that night. This act could have made a huge popotive impact on Jeannette and her whole family as they were growing up.

education neglect

Education neglect is a parent or guardian's failure to ensure the child attends school as required by law. Jeanette's family has moved a lot druing her life, sometimes very quickly. This means that Rose Mary failed to get the papers needed to transfer schools. Earlier in her life, Jeanette did not attend school often either. This also means that it was her parents fault that she did not attend school. Rose Mary and Rex could have been put in jail for this as well.


The parents in the glass castle are not the best. The father has an alcohol addiction and abandons his childen for days on end. These actions could terminate his paternity rights as a father. "Failure to support or maintain contact with the child, long-term alcohol or drug-induced incapacity of the parent(s)." These are two examples of parental violations of Rex and Rose Mar. I fell like they should lost their parental rights a long time ago.