Character Sketch

Bird Lake Moon

Mitch Sinclair

Mitch is an average 12 year old boy, who is going through tough times. His father left him and his mother,and now is mother is a new person, according to Mitch. He goes to Bird Lake with his mom to stay with his grandparents for a while to get away. He is a very curious and adventurous boy. He goes swimming in the lake and goes in the house next door to explore it.

Throughout the Story...

As the story develops, Mitch along the way meets a new friend, Spencer Stone. Spencer isn't the only one though, he comes with his sister, Lolly. Lolly annoys Mitch to the very end, to the point where he breaks and can;t handle it. They use to have an older brother, Matty, but he drowned, when Spenser was two, at a house in Bird Lake, and they decide to go to the house and see if they are going to keep the house or sell it. Mitch tells the family the house is haunted, so they won't sell it and he can have it to himself. The two boys both start to think that the house is actually haunted by Spencer's dead brother.

Main Three Characters

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