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Cabin Fever Fun Day Cancelled - Counselors Still Meeting

Location: McKnight Outdoor Education Center, 3200 Indian Village Rd., Columbus, OH 43221
Parking spots are limited so we'll have to get creative. It's okay to park on the grass.
Time: Noon-5:00pm
Lunch: Pizza and salad provided at noon.
12:30 - Team training with guest speaker
2:30 - Camp class discussion. If you have new class ideas bring details to the meeting.
What to Bring: The Ohio 4-H Conference is March 12. Registration forms are due February 8 to the Extension Office. Saturday's meeting is a great opportunity to bring your form along with a check for $35 made out to Franklin County 4-H Council. (Checks will be returned after you attend the conference.)
  • Registration forms were uploaded to Google Drive at the last meeting. You can download it there or here:
  • You can mail it in, but the earlier the forms are received/entered, the more likely you are to get the classes you sign up for.

Pick-up: Make sure you are picked up at 5:00pm.

Other Information: A film crew will be at the meeting. We are collecting video footage of 4-H events and interviewing a few people for the purpose of creating a 4-H promotional video. WEAR A 4-H CLUB OR CAMP T-SHIRT!