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A good album cover is always full of good content. Most album covers have their own expressions whether its linked to a song e.g. Doolittle by The Pixies is inspired of the song "Monkey gone to heaven".

Other bands will keep a certain theme e.g. the White Stripes always use the colour red and feature the two band mates on the front cover whereas the Stone Roses don't pose for their album covers and like to involve paint splashes with the band name on the cover so they all have a link.

Album covers have different meanings and I thought it would be fun to involve them in my magazine whether its a recommendation or history.

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NME Magazine

I selected this front cover to evaluate the style. I love the font which is simple and bold, very effective. It contrasts with the image with her bright red hair, it's very vibrant and you wouldn't walk past it on the newsstand.

I like how it has listed bands on the side so people know that this is the magazine for them as it includes bands they like in case they don't like the one on the front cover.

The text is kept on the edge and in different sizes for effect and to not take away attention from the image and the title.


Band posters are usually featured in magazines. They are either to advertise the band, the album or a venue. They can also be used for decorative reasons, to hang up in your bedroom or something.


Listening to live music may seem dull, you would rather see them in person, but it's good to watch because you can get close ups and interesting camera angles.
The Pixies - Gigantic
The Stone Roses, Fools Gold Live at Heaton Park. Made of Stone DVD.


When you listen to a song, do you listen to the song itself for the music, or do you search for the meaning by paying attention to what the vocalist is saying? In the pop genre, the lyrics don't matter, they are meaningless and focus on making it catchy so people will buy it. In the Rock/Indie genre, lyrics mean everything. Its a way to express yourself and putting a message out through music.



Many artists have released songs with different meanings. Some are informative, but some political and some are protests! The song Hurricane by Bob Dylan was huge in 1966 when Carter and Artis were found guilty of a triple murder, which were widely reported as racially motivated. The song is about the imprisonment of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. It compiles alleged acts of racism and profiling against Carter, which Dylan describes as leading to a false trial and conviction. During the fall tour preceding Desire's release, Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue played a benefit concert for Carter in New York City's Madison's square garden, raising $100,000. So music isn't all about a nice tune, it's influential and can change peoples lives!
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