Epic's Natural Gas Co.


Why I Think This Is The Best Thing For Your Community

Hello, it is me Epic Awesome. I suggest you let me put in my company in Sunderland. As you can see below it has many benefits. Also I think it will help your community with a variety of things. And I heard you have a lot of natural gas in the area.


My company will benefit by creating energy to power heating, air conditioners and even gas stoves. And before natural gas reaches your homes, some chemicals and gases are taken out. These are made into other chemicals that can be used to make detergents, plastics, and even medicines. So in conclusion it has many benefits!!!


Okay, maybe natural gas is explosive and might have some more disadvantages like that but in my opinion there is more advantages then disadvantages to natural gas(e.g natural gas is non-renewable because it is made from fossil fuels)