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Shakespeare App

Website: www.playshakespeare.com
Cost: Free (pro version available for $11.99)
Description: This app gives you complete access to Shakespeares 41 plays. Need to look up a quotation quickly? Can’t remember the name of the play with the guy who says “to be or not to be?” The app includes several different translations and versions of the text that allow for instant comparison.
Example: If a student had a quiz on Romeo and Juliet they could get this app and have access to the entire play on their tablet or phone. A student could flag important and favorite quotations from the play and use several different “search” features if there was a particular line or phrase that they knew would be important for their quiz. The app also comes with a glossary of over 21,000 words that makes comprehension of the challenging text much more accessible.
Photo Credit: from playshakespeare.com
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Website: www.socrative.com
Cost: Free
Description: Teachers can easily create quizzes and surveys for their students to complete and receive instant results. Great for teachers to assess if what they have covered in class so far is being comprehended. A good way to find out student interests and get ideas for group pairings. Available for any device with a browser (smartphones, tablets, iPod touch), this Web-based student-response system enables you to assess in real time -- via multiple-choice, short-answer, and true-false questions -- how much of the material your students understand. Students enter their answers on their own devices, allowing them the privacy to answer candidly, and results are tabulated immediately. Instant feedback! Can be used as a great supplemental studying tool for students.
A teacher can be starting a new unit on poetry and wants to know how much students know about poems and if they’ve read any poetry in the past. A teacher can create a survey that the students will complete the week before the poetry unit starts. With the newly acquired information the teacher will be able to design lessons and assessments that are geared around that class’s specific interests and familiarity with poetry.
Photo Credit: image from www.socrative.com
Socrative Overview Video
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Writing Prompts by Writing.com

Website: www.writing.com
Cost: $1.99
Description: Includes different sections to access a wide variety of writers including: sketches, scenes, texts, words, and news. Great for a creative writing class or practicing storytelling.
Example: A teacher wants to work on a classes creative writing skills, but students complain that they never know what to write about. A teacher can use Writing Prompts as instant inspiration for their class and can use a number of different written and picture prompts to do so. Could divide the class into different inspiration groups or use one source as inspiration for the entire classes short narratives.
Photo Credit: www.writing.com
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Explain Everything

Website: http://www.morriscooke.com/applications-ios/explain-everything-2
Description: A screencasting app that works with the iPad that has capabilities to link with Evernote, Dropbox and the iPad photo reel. You can use this app to create presentations on anything you like using voice over, animations, existing links, and videos. Shareable with students and very easy platform to use.
Example: A teacher can create a video presentation on the plot of Romeo and Juliet using photos from the video, quotes from the play, and voice overs with animations. This presentation could be shared over a Digital Learning Environment’s server so that the students could watch it as many times as needed outside of class for further comprehension and note taking.
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Explain Everything iPad app tutorial
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Website: www.evernote.com
Cost: Free, but pro version available for $5.79
Description: A great way to organize all of your notes, ideas and images. Superior organizational tool that is recommended by many.
A teacher can draft and present all of their notes through Evernote and then share with students and parents with the click of a button. Evernote is a great way for students and teachers alike to organize notes from different classes, assignments, ideas, websites, and inspirations all in one, convenient and accessible place.
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Evernote for your life's work
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Website: www.voicethread.com
Cost: Free
Description: a platform that puts digital media at the forefront allowing users to comment in a number of different ways including text commenting, audio commenting, and video commentary.
Example: A teacher assigns each student to review a particular piece of artwork. Students are then asked to edit each others reviews. Students could upload their pictures and reviews to VoiceThread and share their links with each other. This way, peer editing and feedback can be done outside of the classroom and can be done in a number of different ways.
Photo Credit: http://fuquayes.wcpss.net
What's VoiceThreading?