Henry Hudson

Born 1565 in England and Died 1611 near the Hudson Bay

A little about him

Born in England, Henry Hudson was also an explorer for England . Rumor has it that he was married to a woman named Katherine and had 3 sons. His goal was to find an ice-free passage to Asia for trade. He failed, but he managed to explore the new world (New York City).

Success and failures

In 1609, after two failed voyages, he set out again. He ended up in New York. He had to turn back. On his fourth voyage, again in New York, resources were running low and he was at odds with a lot of his crew. The crew casted Hudson and his son off the ship. People believed he died of the cold or starvation near or in the Hudson bay.
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He helped drive European interest in exploring North America. You can find his name in many places, including the Hudson bay and Hudson river.




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