S9GS Summer Reading Requirements


Students should be finished reading their books by the first day of school!

PreAP English 9 & English 9 (All Students)

All students entering S9GS should read To Kill a Mockingbird prior to the first day of school. You will have multiple assessments on this book during the first few weeks of school.

***PreAP students have a second assignment listed further down this page.

Summer Reading Journal (All Students)

The projects will be due during the first week of the semester in which the student has English. Please be sure to save your dialectical journal so that you can turn it in whenever you have English. Your first grades will come directly from this assignment.

Click the link below to see the details of the Reading Journal


**Students who have Internet access should create a Google document using their MCBOE Google account (if possible). Students will need to save the document so that they can upload it to Canvas when their English teacher creates the assignment in Canvas.

Dear Students:

Try your best! We know that you may be confused by some of the instructions or that you may not completely understand our expectations. All we ask is that you come in having tried your best to follow our instructions. We will be there for you at the beginning of your English 9 career to help you refine your work. It is important. You'll be using the journals to craft an essay, and you'll need the evidence you've collected to get through it. Thanks! S9GS English Department

Project, Quiz, Essay, & Test

Students will complete a project, quiz, essay, and test on all of the summer reading material. All students will be working with To Kill a Mockingbird examining the literary elements, characterization, and writing techniques of the novel. It is important that students spend some time with novel and not consider watching the movie a replacement for reading.

PreAP English 9

Students taking PreAP English should also read one book from the list below. You will have multiple assessments on this choice during the first few weeks of school. You do not have any summer assignments for you self-selected book. All assignments for these books will be made by your teacher.

Summer Reading Assessments

Summer Reading Book Choices (CHOOSE ONE) for PreAP

Reading Levels/Content:

We've listed three reading levels for these books. The levels are based on the grade level and Lexile count listed on Scholastic's website and on the personal observations of the S9GS English department. Please understand that all of these novels are designed for 13+ years. The reading level may be easy, but the content may contain adult language or mature issues.

1. At or Above Grade Level Reading: Vocabulary and sentence length make these choices a bit more difficult.

2. Grade Level Reading: Vocabulary and sentence length are what is expected for 9th grade.

3. Easy Reading: Riveting stories, but the vocabulary and sentence length are much easier in these stories.

A Note to Parents:

Please review the book list with your children. You know them best, so help them decide which book will be the right fit for them. We've included links to reviews from Goodreads, but you may want to read reviews from other sources before you help your child finalize his or her decision.


Award-Winning, Young Adult Fiction

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Beth Knight, Department Chairperson

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