Visual Collaboration Tool

What is Padlet?

Padlet is a visual collaboration tool that allows users to easily express their thoughts on a common topic and read what others have to say. It is essentially a virtual bulletin board in which collaborators can simultaneously create and organize posts of any content type, whether it be text, documents, images, videos, links, etc.

How Can Teachers Use it?

Padlet pages are great for brainstorming activities, generating ideas, collating & reviewing responses by a group to a particular prompt.

It is a great way to introduce a topic and generate further discussion, identify key issues, and become open to alternative points of view or experience via a review of what others think.

Padlet & the SAMR model

  • Substitution: Students create their own Padlet with text-based posts (rather than putting Post-it notes on a class bulletin board).
  • Augmentation: Students continue to work on the Padlet outside of class over the next few weeks.
  • Modification: The students then give one another’s posts feedback directly on the padlet.
  • Redefinition: The students use the feedback to improve their work and then decide whether or not other posts should be approved or need improvement.


Here are some other websites I found that might assist you if you plan to try using Kahoot with your students: