Directions for creating an aura:

  1. You'll need to have a printed image (trigger image) before beginning. You may also want to have your video (overlay) recorded ahead of time.
  2. Open Aurasma app.
  3. Tap the white A.
  4. Click the icon in the lower right corner.
  5. Choose account.
  6. Username: wesaura Password: woodleaf
  7. Create aura by clicking on +.
  8. Choose "Device" at the bottom instead of "Library".
  9. Click the + at the top right corner.
  10. Create the movie or choose one already recorded on your device.
  11. Tap your video.
  12. Tap use.
  13. The name should be your first and last name.
  14. Tap finish.
  15. Tap on the video.
  16. Tap select.
  17. Create your trigger image using a picture, book cover, or other image with a well-defined edge. Often a black outline around the image will help.
  18. Drag squares to be the size you want for trigger image.
  19. Look at the red to green scale. Green is best.
  20. Tap the camera to attach that picture as your trigger image.
  21. The name should be your first and last name.
  22. Change to yes.
  23. Tap finish.
  24. Test it out by scanning your trigger image.
  25. *iPads must always be logged in to the existing wesaura channel before scanning a trigger image. Otherwise, auras won't open.*

How do you get credit?

Mrs. Hargett will be able to see your trigger image(s) and your name on the Woodleaf channel once it's completed! Please then share your trigger images with others!