Nitrous oxide

Its not very funny

Nitrous oxide

The drug is Nitrous Oxide it is commmonly used as laughing gas in dentist work, it also can be used to speed up a car in an internal combustion engine, but it is also abused for a drug.

NItrous oxide is taken into the body only by inhaled it one way could be to put in a balloon and breath it in almost like helium, it also is sold in little containers that you can release the drug through a nosel, and by using a ready whip can.

Common street names for nitrous oxide are laughing gas, hippy crack, cartridges, whippets, nos, nang, buzz bomb, and shoot the breeze.


Short Term:

Nitrous oxide affects the body. It induces a pleasurable feeling, after five minutes of breathing the gas you feel an euphoric feeling spread through your body, you feel light headed, and start to laugh hence laughing gas.

Long Term: Vitamin B12 dificience, numbness, and reproductive side effects in pregnant females, it can also like many drugs can kill you.

Signs of abuse

An abuser of nitrous oxide might have a broken open aerosol can somewhere, they might have nerve damage, and nausea creating a servere loss of appetite.


NItrous oxide is not physically addictive, however it is used compulsively by some people. It is possible to be psychologically addicted but there are no significant withdrawal symptoms aside from wanting more.