REC School Raptor Report

September Edition

"Learning Together Success for All"

Mission Statement:

Respect, Encourage, Collaborate. Succeed together!

Vision Statement:

Red Earth Creek School fosters a positive and respectful learning environment which embraces diversity, collaboration, and inspires students to flourish as lifelong learners.

Values Statement:

Respect: promote the appreciation of ourselves, others and our environment.

Achieve: foster critical thinking, creativity and lifelong learning.

Participate: encourage opportunities to take risks, collaborate and build confidence.

Thrive: inspire yourself and others.

Open-minded: appreciate others views and ideas.

Responsible: advocate for students to become responsible citizens.

Success: we believe in success for all!

Principal’s Message

Hello Everyone!

As you are all aware I will be your acting principal for Red Earth Creek School. It is an absolute pleasure to be back, and look forward to working with the students, parents and community members of Red Earth Creek.

A very special thank you goes out to our staff, students and community for making Red Earth Creek School such a great place to learn. In May 2018 Red Earth Creek School received its Accountability Pillar Results for the 2018/2019 school year and achieved a Standard of Excellence in the following categories: Safe and Caring, Education Quality, Work Preparation, Citizenship, Parental Involvement and School Improvement. I personally would like to congratulate everyone who had a hand in making Red Earth Creek School the best school out there.

We will be looking to gain community input on several initiatives this year. Your voice will be greatly appreciated as initiatives will be discussed at our School Council meetings. The next meeting is scheduled for November 1st @ 6:00 pm and we hope to see you all there.

Coming up in October we will be having several events. For information regarding school events please follow our school Facebook page or our school website at

Darren George

Superintendant’s Message

Superintendent Message

In Peace River School Division (PRSD), our mission, vision and motto guide the important work we do. Parents and guardians are very important members of the PRSD family and I believe that it is important that our families are familiar with our foundational statements.

Our mission “Learning Together – Success for All” describes our purpose, focus and values. In PRSD, we believe that when we work and learn together, everyone experiences success. We have a great responsibility to ensure our students experience their full potential and this is achieved through shared and continuous learning, growth, teamwork and collaboration.

Our vision statement “First Choice for Students; We are a dynamic learning community focusing on student success” speaks to our goals and objectives - what we are continually working toward. Our vision statement speaks to our commitment to be first choice for students through the dynamic and engaging learning communities with the overarching goal of student success and overall well-being.

Our motto communicates our beliefs, ideals and follows the acronym P-R-S-D.
Pride in Public Education
Respect, Responsibility and Integrity
Student-centered; promoting success and safety
Diversity celebrated; Differences embraced

All of the above foundational statements are very important in guiding our divisional work and we hope that they are transparent in all your interactions with PRSD. Thanks for your continued support in successfully educating our youth.

Paul Bennett, PRSD Superintendent

Thank You for being Safe and Caring!

Zoe Bosomworth, a grade 3 student at Red Earth Creek School, was recognized for demonstrating safe and caring citizenship skills. Zoe quickly realized one day out on the playground, that there was another student upset. She repeatedly interacted with the student to ensure that she was ok. She stood by that students side until the issue that upset the student was resolved!

Great Job Zoe!

Big picture


We honour and respect our indigenous ancestors and are committed to teach and provide opprtunities for students to learn and experience First Nations, Metis and Inuit history, traditions and culture.

Phyllis' Story: The original orange shirt

On Thursday October 11th, author Phyllis Webstad will be coming to Red Earth Creek to share her story about the harm the residential school system did to children's self-esteem and discuss how we all matter.

We would like to thank the Municipal District of Opportunity Library board for providing Red Earth Creek School students the opportunity to here from a residential school survivor and raise awareness of the meaning behind "Orange Shirt Day".


92% of parents from Red Earth Creek School are satisfied that their students are being taught the attitudes and behaviors to be successful at work when they leave school. That is well above the provincial average of 82.4%.

Thank you for providing feedback through our Annual Parent Survey! We as a staff at Red Earth Creek School collaborate over our results in order to further enhance your child's academic's. We are a team and look forward to seeing your thoughts about the upcoming school year!

Health and Wellness

Terry Fox Run

On Friday September 21st, students from Red Earth Creek School joined forces and walked to support the Terry Fox Foundation!

The students took pride and displayed great citizenship skills! They demonstrated how well a community can come together to support a great cause!

One student in particular raised over $500.00 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Joshua Thomas is always willing to dedicate his time and energy for a great cause. Great Job Josh!

Of course we would also like to thank everyone who walked or ran in support of the Terry Fox Foundation and a huge thank-you goes out to everyone who donated.

Meet the Teacher

Our Meet the Teacher night was a success last Monday September 24th.

Community members, parents and out lying organizations came together to visit, and meet the REC school staff.

Safety Message- Bus Safety

Children are our most precious resource and by following basic transportation safety and reinforcing positive safety habits we can help to keep children safe throughout the school year.

School buses are simply the safest way to transport children to school. The design of the school bus is governed by several federal regulations and by Canadian Standards Association standard D250. Of all Alberta collisions, those involving school buses account for less than 0.5%. Our goal each day is to transport all students safely to and from school. Our bus drivers continually participate in on and off road training and perform mock bus evacuations with students. All our school buses are regularly inspected and maintained, installed with safety equipment such as electronic “No Child Left Behind” devices, GPS systems, and some even have cameras to monitor inside and outside of the vehicle.

Please take a few minutes and talk to your children about school bus safety. Advise them to wait to cross the road until the lights are flashing on the bus, the stop sign is out, and to look both ways and not to cross the road until all vehicles are stopped. If you have young children, be sure to meet them on the same side of the road that the school bus is on. This may prevent them from running across the road without looking.

Also please note that National School Bus Safety Week is October 22-26th and this year’s theme is “School Bus … Bully Free Zone.”

Safety Advisory Committee

Meet Our School Council

On Tuesday September 25th, Red Earth Creek School held their Annual School Council meeting. We had an excellent turnout, with a lot of new faces.

Our school council meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm in our school gym. Parents and community members are encourage to attend. Our school council meets once a month to discuss what’s going on in our school. Such as student programming, our accountability pillar results (what and how parents thought REC School provided for an education to your children) and school policy and procedures.

These monthly meetings are to help keep you informed about your child’s education and provide you an opportunity to give some input.

For the 2018-2019 School year are newly elected board members are...

Chairperson: Jolanda Dougan

ViceChairperson: Brendan Powell

Secretary: Crystal Sawan

Our next scheduled meeting day is Thursday, October 4th @ 6:00 pm

Meet our R.E.C.E.S.S Society Members

R.E.C.E.S.S Society (Red Earth Community Engaged in Student Success Society) held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, September 25th.

What does the R.E.C.E.S.S Society do?

We meet once a month right after the School Council Meeting, and we fundraise to help provide extra educational opportunities for our students.

Please come on by to see what's happening.

Our newly elected board members for the 2018-2019 school year are....

President: Brendan Powell

Vice President: Chantelle Thomas

Treasurer: Heather McTaggart

Secretary: Crystal Sawan

Meet the REC School Staff!

Welcome back to another fun-filled school year!

If you have any questions or need to contact the school you can do this by calling 780-649-3898 and our wonderful Office Manager Sheila Owen can assist you.

Our school Librarian Lisa Deering is always willing to help you find a book that you may be looking for. Our public library is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Your students teachers are as follows this year....

Kindergarten is Mrs. Gray

Grades 1,2,3 is Mrs. Wiggs

Grades 4,5,6 is Mrs. Aucoin

Junior High is Mrs. Wright

High School Math, Sciences and Phys Ed is John Porritt

High School English and Social is Mrs. Routhier and Mr. George