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March is Literacy Month

5 Ways to Celebrate Reading This Month

"For children, creating a relationship with books is critical. Statistics show that reading at a proficient level by the 4th grade is a strong indicator for high school graduation success.

If the child cannot read on their own yet, there are also numerous benefits being read to by an adult. Studies show that children who were read to were more likely to perform better in school, even in areas such as math.

Not only are there academic benefits, reading is another outlet for creative play as well. Books allow children to engage their imagination and expand their mind.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate literacy this month:

1. Donate old, new, or used books to a book drive or library. Many families are unable to build their home libraries. Giving away your books is a great way to help children access and build libraries in their home.

2. Read to children and encourage them to read. Children learn how to read better when they hear others read. Take turns reading aloud to build their confidence in their own reading skill. Make it a practice to read to the children in your life. The sooner you start reading to your child, the better.

3. Make reading fun! Reading is not a chore. Make silly voice characters, interact and engage with your child. Reading time is fun time!

4. Volunteer at a local elementary school. Many schools have literacy programs that specifically help children learn how to read better.

5. Join an initiative that supports early literacy competency. Programs are passionate about giving every child the chance to succeed in academics by ensuring they are proficient in literacy. Find out how you can get involved by doing research in what your local efforts are doing to support this cause."

The 2020 Golden Sneaker Contest is happening February 24th through March 6th, 2020.

The Golden Sneaker Contest is a two-week classroom competition that encourages students, parents, teachers and administrators to take the healthy route to school by choosing active or shared transportation options such as:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Skateboarding, or any other human-powered wheels!
  • Carpooling with other families at your school, or
  • Riding public transit — like the bus or BART

Based on what was turned in Friday, 2/28/20, Ms. Watty's class has come in the lead with 104 times students who walked, rolled, scooted or carpooled to school! Ms. LaBarre's first grade class came in second with 64 students.

Ms. Weber shares, "If you didn't have a chance to turn in your numbers, we have one more week of the contest, so you can still be a contender !"

Heritage Night- 3/19/20 @ 6:15 p.m.- Sponsored by RB PTA

Save the date! Heritage Night will be on Thursday, March 19th 6:15 - 8:00pm in the Ruby Bridges MPR. This is a beloved Ruby Bridges tradition that celebrates our beautifully diverse community. Heritage Night is a pot-luck feast! To participate please bring a food dish from your culture, and come prepared to eat delicious food that others have brought to share. Families and students are encouraged to wear clothing that represents their heritage. If you signed up to volunteer at this event you will be receiving an e-mail soon. Special thanks to Ms. Noor, Stephanie C., Carmen S., and Lynette T. for serving on the planning committee.

Life Skill Focus for March: Self Reflection

Self- Reflection: the activity of thinking about your own feelings and behavior, and the reasons that may lie behind them

"Developing a routine of self-reflection is beneficial for adults and children alike. Making time for self-reflection and self-awareness activities for children at home and in the classroom helps kids to gain a better understanding of both the world around them and especially themselves.

Our five top ways to encourage children to self-reflect are these:

1. Be a good example as an adult. Do you project the image of the adult in their lives who is always busy, always having to do, rather than be? Are you the person who sits and reflects without any agenda? If you are then bravo! If you aren’t, then think about making time in your own life for self-reflection and tell your children that are you are having quiet reflection time.

2. Help them find the time in their own lives. Don’t schedule every second of their lives or be perturbed that they may be bored if they have free time – it is every child’s right to be bored and to fill it with time just to reflect and to be!

3 Make a Family Time for self-reflection – it can be part of a sit and do nothing time or it can come with a simple question – maybe thinking about how you feel now or how you felt during your day? Start small, like 2 minutes and build it up from there.

4 Make journal writing a part of their routine. Very young children can use non-written ways to write a journal, drawing about their feelings or dictating to a parent can be used if they are too young to write themselves. You don’t have to solve the problem, you can be merely the one who gives comfort and validation to a feeling. It can of course be about positive feelings, not just difficult ones. It may be a time when they can accept a situation or decide they can do something about it. What is important is they know its ok to self-reflect and ponder life. They will love the independent and powerful feeling it gives them!

5 Encourage gratitude Ask the question often, ‘What are you grateful for?” You can start by sharing what you are grateful for so they get the ideas. This notion of gratitude can often put in perspective those difficult situations as being perhaps not as huge as they may have thought when weighed against the positive things in their lives."

Toolbox: Courage Tool

Fifth Grade Science Camp

Ruby Bridges Elementary 5th graders need help raising money for the 5th graders to attend science camp at the end of April. The planning committee is reaching out to you, our valued community members, family, and friends to ask if you will help us in achieving this goal.

This three-day, two-night science camp at Mission Springs Outdoor Education Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains is a once in a lifetime experience that will allow kids to learn and apply science in a way that is not possible in the classroom. This camp gives students the chance to explore nature and the outdoors and discover science in a completely new way, exposing them to hands-on activities in the life-sciences, environment and more, all while having a whole lot of fun. Ruby Bridges' 5th graders have been attending this camp for several years now and former students still cite this as one of the best and most enriching learning experiences they have had.

We hope to raise enough money to offset costs for all students. Your donation is fully tax deductible. Any assistance you can provide in helping us raise these funds would be greatly appreciated and would help ensure that these kids are able to take part in this amazing opportunity.

ELPAC Testing- March 2020

What is it?

The ELPAC is the test that is used to measure how well students in kindergarten (K) through grade twelve understand English when it is not their primary language. Information from the ELPAC helps your child’s teacher provide support in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Who will be administered the ELPAC?

The Summative ELPAC is given to students who are identified as English learners.

When will it be administered for 2019/20?

February 2020- May 2020

How can I prepare my child?

  • Read to your child, or have your child read to you, on a regular basis.
  • Use pictures and ask your child to tell you what they see in the picture or what is happening in the picture.
  • Provide your child with opportunities to use language outside of school.
  • Talk with your child’s teacher about your child’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to help support your child’s progress.
  • Use the practice tests available at this link:

Who can I contact with questions?

Please contact your child's teacher or our VP, Ms. Kim, with questions. She can be contacted at:

More information about the ELPAC can also be found on the California Department of Education ELPAC web page at

CAASPP scores- State Testing Results

Parent/Caregiver information on CAASP Scores:

Parents and caregivers are likely receiving communications from Educational Testing Service to deliver videos explaining students CAASPP reports. Parents have reached out wondering what these are and if they are spam. They are not spam. They are helpful in understanding the reports. Please be sure to let your families know that these are helpful videos that can help them to better understand their children’s CAASP scores.

CAASPP Samples:








March 4th- Popcorn Wednesday

March 6th- Spirit Day- Favorite Character Day

March 11th-13th- Report card conferences- Minimum day dismissal 12:30 (1st-5th)

March 19th- Heritage Night @ 6:15 p.m.

March 20th- PTA Family Cafe- Room 301

March 30-April 3rd- Spring Break, No School

Ruby Stars show the 4 Bs- Be safe, be responsible, be respectful, be a friend!

Ruby Bridges students, faculty, and families believe all students can be STARS by following the 4Bs ! Following the AUSD Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) system, we strive to Be: Safe, Responsible, Respectful, and a Friend to All. These expectations are taught, modeled, learned, and practiced at Ruby Bridges.

School-wide PBIS focus areas and behavior expectations:

  • Arrival and Dismissal- walking to and from safely

  • Cafeteria/respect property- remain seated; clean behind self

  • Basic behavior- indoor voices, following the 4 Bs, waiting calmly

  • Courtyard/line- 3 point touch following recess; walk calmly to line

Acknowledgements for following the 4 Bs:

Star Cards and lunchtime drawings

Positive acknowledgement

Shout outs during morning announcements

Classroom incentives