Buddhism and Hinduism

Learn about Buddhism and Hinduism today


Did you say something about Buddhism And Hinduism? Well I am going to tell you about it any way. Buddhism is a religion but it dose not have a god,and Hinduism has a caste system. But I dont want to bore you with my silly notes.........


Lets go ahead and get started talking about Buddhism. Buddhism started out when the founder "Siddhartha Gautama" or "Buddha, started telling people about the new religion.Eventually these people started following this religion, and things began to get crazy.


Now on to Hinduism. Hinduism dosent seem to have a founder, but it dose seem to have 3 major god. Brahman, shiva, and vishnu. they seem pretty cool. In Hinduism every one believes tha every one has a soul, and they have to reach atman. Atman is like the highest level in the caste system.

Alikes and Differences

Let's move on talking about how Buddhism and Hinduism are alike and different. Lets start with how they're alike. Buddhism and Hinduism have really weird similarities.Like for instance they both believe in reincarnation. muslims and jews didn't both at the same time believe in reincarnation , because at the time they didn't even know what it was. Any way lets talk about how they are different in many ways. Well Buddhism and Hinduism have better ways to be different instead of being alike. Buddhism and Hinduism have a lot of other different un-similarities. like for instance only Hinduism is the only one that has a caste system and it has a god, and Buddhism is non-theistic which means it does not have a god.


Well it is time to end our journey together, and I hope you you learned a lot and lets go ahead and recap.So Hinduism has a caste system, and Buddhism has no god. They both believe in reincarnation at the same time. Hinduism is monotheistic and Buddhism has a crazy founder named "Siddhartha Gautama". Buddhism dose not have a founder thanks for taking the time to read this page, and remember that's right YOU ROCK.