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Important Dates to Remember:

  • 1/11 Progress Reports sent home through email and can be accessed through this email.
  • 1/16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance- No School
  • 1/18 PTO Meeting 5:30pm
  • 1/26 Buddy Bison Project- 3rd grade partnership
  • 2/9 Spring Concert

Dear Families and Caregivers of EPS Students,

The purpose of this email is to share a new resource for families from the Connecticut State Department of Education.

Educational, Safety, Mental Health, and Food Insecurity Resources

As required under Public Act 21-46, the CSDE has updated Educational, Safety, Mental Health and Food Insecurity Resources for Families and Students.

This resource also includes Support & Services | Wrap CT (connectingtocarect.org)developed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Please note: Public Act 21-116 requires each local and regional board of education to distribute the Support & Services information at least semi-annually to the parents and guardians of each student in the school district and to any student taking a course in health and safety and make the link available on its website.


Mark Dube

Coordinator of Health and Physical Education

Enfield Public Schools

(860) 763-7585

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Nurse's Corner...

To the Parents/Guardians:

Annual vision and hearing screenings will begin and will be administered during the school year for grades 3-5. Hearing screenings will be done by the school nurse beginning in the month of January. The Enfield Lions Club, along with our nursing staff will be conducting our annual vision screening on 3/21/23 using the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener. If your child fails any part of the screenings, a rescreen and/or referral letter will be sent home recommending further evaluation by a physician. If you have any questions about the school vision and hearing screening program, please contact the school nurse.


Jacqueline Rustic, RN

Eli Whitney School Nurse

Phone: (860) 763-7543

Fax: (860) 763-7547

A Note from the Nurse

Please contact the school nurse, Jackie Rustic at (860) 763-7543 or at jrustic@enfieldschools.org with any health-related questions. Please notify the nurse as well with any specific health issues/concerns if you send the information to the classroom teacher. This includes new symptoms your child is experiencing, new health related concerns, and/or medication issues. No prescribed or OTC medications can be sent into school with student/backpack. They must be dropped off by a parent/guardian and a physician’s order must be provided to be administered in the nurse’s office. This includes cough drops. If you give your child permission to have cough drops in school, they need to be dropped off by parents with a note from the parent giving your child permission to have the cough drop in the nurse’s office only. Please provide your child with a reusable water bottle each day. Students are not allowed to drink from water fountains around the school, but they may fill their water bottle at them. We encourage our students to drink water throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water helps alleviate many complaints of headaches, stomachaches, and sore throats. Breakfast and lunch remain free and available to any student through the end of the month. Please remember to provide your child with a snack each day. We are unable to provide snacks for the children. Every classroom has a special time for snack daily.

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What's coming in curriculum.... 3rd grade

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What's coming in curriculum ...4th grade

4th Grade Lessons

Math- We will be starting Lesson- Multiplying Whole Numbers.

Writing- We are starting to read fiction stories and write a Literary Essay!

Reading- Detail and Synthesis: Close Reading of Fiction

Science- Animal Habitats

Social Studies- Continuing with the Midwest Region!

What's coming in curriculum...5th grade

Grade 5 Update:

Math: Lessons 8-10 (Working with decimals and fractions)

Reading: Author Study

Writing: Literary Essay

Science: Space Systems

Social Studies: Early Settlements


Due to the State of CT SMART funds availability, meals will continue to be

FREE for the month of JANUARY. One month notice will be given when meals are going to return to PAID, REDUCED & FREE.

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What can you do to help us help your child?

All students should be participating in iReady reading and math activities. Teachers are working hard to schedule students time during each day to work on their 'paths'. Children benefit from practice and we encourage students to work hard to close their 'rings'.

You can help us by having your child spend a minimum of 10-15 each day working on their myPath. This activity is designed to meet each child's individual reading and level and targets specific skills. Each activity adjusts to your child's skill level.

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Weather and Outside Recess: Keeping your child safe during cold weather...

As the weather becomes colder, please be mindful of the following outside recess guidelines:

  • Students may go outside as long as the 'feel-like' temp is greater than 34'
  • Students must have appropriate outside attire- Coat, mittens, hats, sweatshirts and hoodies
  • Teachers and Principals will have discretion to make recess indoors.
  • If a student isn't properly attired for the outside weather, the teacher may ask the student to access a coat from the lost and found, or have an alternate recess inside.
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Mrs. Flanaghan, Principal & Ms. Fitzsimons, Assistant Principal