High School Principals' Newsletter

September 2019

Strong Leaders Make Strong Schools!

"What you think is important is what your staff, students and parents will think is important."

If someone were to ask your teachers/principals what 3 things they thought were important to you, what 3 things would they say?

Literacy Leaders Network 2018-2019

There were over 40 Elementary Principals involved in Literacy Leaders, meeting monthly all year to learn about the School Wide Literacy Essentials, resources, data protocols and ways to implement practices and process to support teachers and increase success for students.

Thank you to our Elementary Principals for their faithful participation!

Questions Curriculum Director's Need to Ask about the Read by Third Grade Implementation:

1. Are all of my K-3 grade teachers creating IRIPs for students who show a reading deficit?

2. What is our district definition of "deficit"?

3. Are all my elementaries using the same IRIP process? Review? Data collection?

4. Do we use portfolios? What is included in the portfolios? Does it align with what is needed?

5. Using the "cut scores" what would our numbers be if students were identified this year?

6. What is our Tier I supports for struggling readers? Tier II? Tier III?

7. How could we use our Consolidated, 31a, Additional Instructional Time, and other grants to fund additional supports?

8. What is our use of literacy coaching?

9. Are there expectations for time, materials, curriculum, practices for K-3 literacy?

10. What will our process be for exemptions? How will we communicate with parents? How will we want parents or teachers or school personnel to communicate the exemption? email? in writing? drop off at central office?

Ready by Third Grade Resources


Essential Training for Literacy Teams

Linking Walk Facilitator Support Network-Save the Date

We hosted a great follow-up to the Linking Walk Facilitator Training, to help facilitators review all resources, materials and plan for district and county wide Linking Walks. We are recommending a countywide effort with 4 focus areas:

Student Engagement* Feedback* Questioning* Formative Assessment

Others were: Student Voice and Opportunity to Respond

Thoughts? What would it look like if we were all collecting data on these (4) areas?

What could we learn?

Why Poverty Matters; Why We Can Matter More!

for a complete list of all of the strategies:


School Improvement

Technical Assistance and Consolidated Application Assistance Dates

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Social Studies Standards Update

  • The newly revised Social Studies Standards were presented to and received by the State Board of Education on Tuesday, April 9. Since then the writers have reviewed and considered all of the public feedback form from the nine Listen & Learn sessions across the state and online survey.

    The final copy of the revised standards will be presented to the State Board of Education for approval on June 11 and will be made available to the public via the Agenda on this page.

  • Professional Learning Opportunities

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    Genesee County's Professional Learning Catalog

    View professional development opportunities offered by GISD!

    Next Year at a Glance 2019-2020

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