MakerVets: Bootcamp at KCI

Learn skills to become employed as a Makerspace Specialist

February 26 through March 9: MakerVet Bootcamp

Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College, California, in collaboration with 3D Veterans, is holding our first Makerspace Skills Certificate program. This two-week bootcamp along with three additional online courses will provide the basic training needed to enter para-educator positions in schools, libraries, community centers, and other youth maker programs. Total cost of the 5-course Makerspace Skills Certificate program is $407, and full scholarships are available for Veterans, funded by Autodesk and Los Altos American Legion.

To sign-up: Register and Enroll!

Enroll in the following two courses at Foothill College to reserve your spot in the bootcamp. For step-by-step instructions to sign up for courses, please go to:

Bootcamp courses:

ENG 62: CRN 32447 - Introduction to 3D Design

LINC 75A: CRN 32436 - Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology

The three remaining courses will be discussed during the 2-week bootcamp, and we can help you get enrolled into the correct sections to complete the Makerspace Skills Certificate. The three courses are below, for your information:

LINC 57: Designing Learner Centered Instruction

LINC 58: Global Project Based Learning

LINC 58A: E-Portfolios