Personality Type:True Color Orange

By: Eric Never

How they learn & Early Childhood

People with the color of orange are bold, impulsive, and witty. How people with the color of orange learn is by seeing things and doing instead of listening or writing down the information. They are also very flexible in their routine and are open to any change, during there early childhood they would have a hard time sticking to a routine. Also they will need physical involvement in the learning process and was motivated by their own natural competitive, fun nature.


Now some negative traits about a orange is lying or cheating, rudeness and defiance, running away or even dropping out, physical aggressiveness, and acting out boisterously. The leadership style of a orange is working in and out, has a flexible approach, expects quick action, welcome to changes, and finally expects everyone to have fun.


How a person with the personality of orange is with relationships is they like to be around people with the same interest and activities, they like to energize and make the relationship fun and enjoyable. Also they love to give extravagant gifts to others, and finally they like physical contact and being bold around others.