The Good News

Saint John XXIII September 20, 2018

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Leadership Message

The Power of Pause

Be still and know that I am God. -Psalm 46:10

We are already immersed into week three at Saint John XXIII of growing, learning, and working together. Staff and students have been working diligently establishing routines, connecting, building relationships, and learning together. If ever you happen to walk through our halls and classrooms, you will see the process of learning and growing together in action. Full heads and full hearts can be found anywhere, anytime at Saint John XXIII!

The BEST part of my day is when I am able to sit with a student in a classroom and hear about their learning or just be present as they share with me a glimpse of themselves-the beautiful masterpiece God created. Our staff and parents have the amazing blessing every day to journey with God's masterpieces. Every day at Saint John XXIIII, I have witnessed so many instances where a staff member has pushed the “pause” button and met a student where they are at, in that moment, and honoured that child. Is this easy? Most certainly not, but these Saint John XXIII staff deliberately choose to push the “pause” and be present for our kids. So, if an email isn’t answered or someone is unavailable at a given time, it is probably because they are “pausing” with kids. In these moments of pause or stillness, we can quiet the fullness and feel God’s presence. In these moments, we are able to “see the masterpiece” and “be the masterpiece”.


Mrs. Boehm

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Visiting the School- and Parking Lot: Protocol for Keeping our SJ Students Safe

We are committed to ensuring a safe and caring school for all of our students and staff. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. We ask all parents and visitors to please sign in at the office before walking the halls of our school. Not only does this assist with our safety for students protocol, it is also our responsibility to know who is in our building at all times in case of emergencies.

We would also like to kindly ask parents to continue to not park in Staff Parking, especially during the arrival and dismissal of our students-8:15-8:50 am and 3-3:45 pm. These are high traffic and active times with students arriving and leaving. To keep our students safe, we need to keep the parking lot free of traffic during these times. Please note that this does not apply to any families who require handi-cap parking. We recognize that there is now more "spaces" available with the reconfiguration. The concern is when we have traffic coming in and out during these high frequency times, this creates a safety concern for our students trying to arrive safely at the bus or meeting a parent. We sincerely thank-you for your understanding and cooperation.

Grade 1-4 Music News

From the Music Room of Mrs Schaub

St John XXIII Choir returns! Choir will be starting up on Wednesday, September 26th during lunch recess. Choir will be for all interested grade 3 and 4 students. In the new year, any interested grade 2 students will be invited to join the choir. The choir will perform at school concerts and celebrations, as well as participating in the Fort Saskatchewan Music Festival. The choir will focus on learning healthy vocal technique and will mostly sing a repertoire of folk songs and sacred songs.

Come play the tone chimes! St John XXIII will also have a tone chime ensemble for interested grade 4 students. Rehearsals will begin on Friday, October 12th at lunch recess. The Tone Chime Ensemble will perform at concerts, school celebrations as well as participating in the Fort Saskatchewan Music Festival.

Thank you! Musically yours, Mrs. Schaub

Forms to Update and Complete

Dear St. John XXIII School Parents/Guardians,

This year Elk Island Catholic School Division are trying to simplify the completion and collection of forms required for your child. These forms are very important to our planning for the safety of your children. The following forms are now found online in the PowerSchool Parent Portal:

1. Field Trip Annual Consent Form

2. Annual Student Responsible Use Agreement for Technology

3. Locker Use Agreement

4. EICS Demographic Confirmation Form (if you have not already completed it)

5. Medical Status Update / Request for Medical Treatment (if required and if you have not already completed it)

These forms are extremely important documents and are required to be updated for every student each year. We would appreciate you completing and submitting these forms, for each of your children, by Friday, September 21.

Please contact our school secretary, Jeannette Wilson, at 780-998-7777 if you have any questions or require assistance.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Attendance Reporting Procedures - School Messenger


Please click on this link for important information on the best way to let us know that your child will be late or away from school.

It is our first priority every morning to ensure that all students are accounted for. Using this new tool helps us to expedite this process to ensure the safe arrival of all of our students. We appreciate your partnership in keeping our little people safe.

Library News

The Library is looking for volunteers to help out with the different needs within our SJ Library.

If you are available, please contact Mrs. Wagner 780-998-7777

Thank you for your consideration.

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We Love to Read! SJ Staff Recommends...



Come one. Come all. Your voice and gifts matter...

PSC Meeting Wednesday, September 26, 2018 7 pm. School Library

Milk Program Volunteers Needed!

The first opportunity to get involved this year is the role of the Milk Program Coordinator and volunteers.

The role of Coordinator involves organizing the orders for milk to the vendor, organizing volunteers for delivery to classrooms at lunch time, and having some fun with the “Moo Club” and the students.

The volunteer roles will be available to come to the school on specified days each week to deliver milk orders to the classrooms and pick up the milk carton trays at the end of lunch.


If this is something that interests you please feel free to reach out to

Growing Brains, Sharing Smiles at Saint John XXIII!

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Sept. 24: 9:00 am Assembly-Parents invited and welcome!

Sept. 26: PSC meeting 7:00 pm in the library, all are welcome!

Sept. 28: Terry Fox Run