The Wingspan

Oak Ridge High School's Weekly Update

From the Principal

I hope this newsletter finds you well. Included in this email are community resource information if you or people you know in the community are in need. There is information about our teacher of the year and humanitarian of the year, and our rising star of the year.

I also wanted to make you informed that we have added a few new faces to our staff this year. Eve Whiteside, who was a science teacher and department chair at Oak Ridge has moved to an administration role in another district. While I am proud of her - she will be missed as she was continually one of our students favorite teachers.

We have hired Ms. Michelle Sanders and Mr. Travis Martin to fill her shoes and they are both fitting in nicely so far. They are experienced science teachers who are dedicated to kids and will be a great addition to the War Eagle Family. I also want to congratulate Ms. Adrian Watkins who will be working full time as a teacher at Oak Ridge in our Special Education department. She has been with us all year and we were glad to add her as a full time faculty member this month.

Finally, I want to congratulate Coach Shawn Wells - he will be headed to Sims ISD as the head athletic director and football coach. Coach Wells has been an excellent coach and teacher and we wish him the best. We will have his replacement in very soon and I expect that person to be a good fit within our school as well.

I share this with you because it is important to me that you know the comings and going of the staff at the Ridge. They work with your children day in and day out and we strive to make a positive impact. Anyone who works with children knows that the relationships we build must be professional and meaningful and when our staff members are promoted from the class room to leadership positions it is a great sign of the positive culture and experience we have in our staff at ORHS.

Thank you for all your support this year.



To help our families in this time of recovery, here are a few resources that might be helpful. We understand that everyone was impacted differently. If there is anything you need that is not listed, please feel free to reach out to your grade level counselor.