Ottawa Trip

By: Landon Leuschner period:2

How will I get there?

I will be flying to ottawa. The great people at Air Canada will be flying me. The total for my flight will cost about $478.35.

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Where will I be staying?

I will be staying in the beautiful Westin Ottawa. With it's location in downtown, it has quite the view of parliment hill, and the city. The cost of my visit will be a staggering $1,865.78.

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Something I will do.

I will visit winterlude. It is a huge festival on the frozen Rideau Canal. The festival is a celebration of Canada and Winter. You can skate the canal and get free treats.

Cost: $20.

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Something Else to Do.

I will also go and visit the parliment buildings. They are all free to tour, and are some of the most beautiifeul buildings in the country.

Cost: Free

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Where will I eat?

One of the amazing places I will eat is the The whales bone Oyster house. It has some of the best seafood in ottawa. The average cost for a meal: $30

Other Importiant Info

Pop. 883,392

Lifestyle- Love their ice and their hockey

Climate- Very Very Cold

Languages- English, French

Total Cost

My Total Cost is....... $2,779.13 (Thats a lot of money)