Ivy Breedlove

By: Nithin Medikonda

All About Me

Ivy Breedlove is a strong, impatient, and intelligent 18 year old girl. But being surrounded by a family full of famous lawyers that want her to continue the family tradition is hard for a girl like her. But Ivy has different intentions, being that she wants to be a famous historian. She wants to write a family history but she forgetting a small link, her 'dead' aunt. Or at least the Breedloves thought she was dead. Who embarks on a journey to find a lost family member to complete the missing link to her family. She obtains a lot of friends and situation on the way, and overall wants a good happy family to write a history on.

The Adirondacks

Ivy begins her experience with nature at the Adirondacks, a cold, but comforting area, that is home to a lot of things, including this so-called 'hermit' aunt that the main character is desperately trying to find. The things that Ivy learns about throughout the trip are fascinating and wondrous. She also greets a person named Jack and becomes great friends with him in this process. Understanding animals and being with them lets Ivy bring out her true self.

The Fat Bird

When greeting her lost aunt, Josephine, Ivy finds out that she is also in love with nature. With a a lot of birds and a reckless, but loyal dog, Jo has a different attitude when she meets an average teenager like Ivy. With an awkward start to their new found relationship, they are brought towards a bird that is unusually obese. When feeding and understanding it, Ivy begins to change and move more toward her aunt's way of 'rolling'.

Disaster Strikes

When reaching the Jo's home, Ivy explains to Mama that she wants to stay with her for 2 nights, in 2 days they have with each other, they become very close. But then in the second night, and avalanche hits the roof of the house and crushes Jo. In a frantic attempt, Ivy tries her best to escape the situation and is found by Mountain Mama. They both get rushed to the hospital and are safe.