Chloe's Goals For Term 2 and 3.

3 way conference.

Literacy Goal:To Work on writing style and comprehension.

Reflection:I have learnt heaps of words and their meanings and it is helping me to read more. As well I have been learning different ways to describe words and different ways to write more.

New Literacy Goals: To start reading more books and different books.

How I Am Going To Achieve This: getting more books out and read every night.

In Writing I Would Like To Do Some More Poems.This Is A Poem That Ebony And Me Wrote.

Fragile, cold and still, creamy white but cold as ice

the lifeless ashes sat still watching the world change

delicate purple flowers danced around the porcelain shell

shining centrepiece in a broken house

an eternal spring captured in time

broken,cracked, falling to bits

sad,lonely,silent, broken-hearted

never to live

cold, hard


Ebony & Chloe

Maths goals: Get 65% on my basic facts test.

Reflection: I got a 43 in my basic facts test in May. So I didn't quite reach my goal

New Maths Goal: To get 55% in my basic facts test.

How I Am Going To Achieve This: By going on mathematics and Practising more with my flash cards.

This is my basic facts test from may and I got 43

ASPIRE Goal: To Actively Involve

Reflection:Now I get involved more and share some of my ideas in class and in my enrichment.

New ASPIRE goal: skill-full and inquisitive thinker.

How I Am Going To Achieve This: Try think of more/better ideas and take action on them

and reasons for my answers.

Fitness Goal:To Get Over 6 In The Beep Test.

Reflection: I got a 4.5 in the beep test last term and in term one i got a 5.6 so i still need to work on it this term as well.

New Fitness goal:To Get Over 6 In The Beep Test.

How I Am Going To Achieve This: by pacing myself when I am running and doing a little bit more running.