Mercy Peek & Ponder by Mr. McGrath

Volume II Issue 31 Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Lady of Mercy Regional Catholic School

Through the intercession of Our Lady of Mercy, we commit ourselves to living the Good News of Jesus through Works of Mercy. Our rigorous academic program unleashes creative energy for the pursuit of knowledge and nurtures a hope-filled vision for Catholic leadership. We live out our relationship with God by respecting the dignity of others and providing service to the global community that fosters unity, understanding, and compassion.

Upcoming Events

April 10 - 13

Middle States Visitation

April 13

Grade 5 Class Mass, 9AM

Mission Collection

Noon Dismissal

April 14

7th Grade LC Fun Day

April 15

No School for Students

Jr. High Dance #6, 7:30PM

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Yes, my friends OLM has a Coding Club as part of our expanding STEM curriculum. This past week students programmed a Finch Robot using Scratch programming language. They programmed it to change colors, move in all directions and speak to the class. This is one of the many reasons OLM is THE academic choice in the area! 21st century learning at its best!!

Our Lady of Mercy Middle School Academic Clubs

OLM has ten academic clubs in the Middle School Academy (grades 6-8). These clubs provide opportunities for our students to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and form new relationships. Some clubs focus on a specific area, thus allowing members to develop their skills and interests in that area. Other clubs provide an array of activities from which our students can choose.

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are a part of students every day life at OLM. They play important roles in student’s lives. Research and data have shown that they have positive effects on student’s lives by improving behavior, school performance, school completion, successful transitions to high school, and social aspects.

Virtue of the Month: GOODNESS

Our virtue of the month of April is GOODNESS. Students will learn to deliberately choose right from wrong, resist sin, and then choose to do acts of mercy. Saint Bernadette Soubirous will be our model. Students will be recognized at the School Liturgy on Thursday, May 5th.

O Mary conceived without sin
Pray for us who have recourse to you.
Our Lady of Lourdes
Pray for us.
Saint Bernadette
Pray for us.


Please follow the rules outlined in the Student-Parent Handbook (pages 16-17) during drop off and pick up in car line. Once your child has exited the car during drop off (or entered your car during pick up), do not proceed to pass other vehicles in the car line in front of you. Remain in line until the cars ahead of you have pulled away. We do not have a passing lane in car line and it is unsafe to pull around cars that are still in line and following the correct procedure. Thank you very much for doing everything possible to keep our children safe.

Our Theme for this School Year at OLM is “Experience the Circle of Mercy”

Keeping this theme in mind our OLM community will be collecting donations throughout the school year to help organizations that show and promote mercy in the world. In this way we can help others throughout the world experience mercy as a result of our generosity. These mission collections will take place each Wednesday. Please encourage your child to bring donations regardless of how large or small the donations are. Every donation makes a difference in helping more people to experience the circle of mercy.

During the month of April, the National Junior Honor Society at OLM is sponsoring a service project to help the Philadelphia Veterans Home in West Philadelphia and the Homeless Veterans in Glenside. There will be mission collections on 04/06, 04/13, 04/20. and 04/27. The money collected will help the organizations continue their good work.

The NJHS will also be sponsoring a Dress Down Day on Friday, April 22nd. Please choose from the following items. Please choose at least one from the list to participate.

Kindergarten and First Grade: aluminum foil, plastic wrap, large sandwich bags

Second and Third Grades: Lysol wipes and paper towels

Fourth and Fifth Grades: dish soap, bar soap, Brillo pads, sponges

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades: toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, shampoo, and shaving kits

Final Box Tops Contest of the Year

Please start sending in any Box Tops that you have been saving up. Home and School will be sponsoring a pizza party for the class that has sent in the most Box Tops this year! Any Box Tops submitted through May 11th will be counted for the contest. You can use the attached form or just send in your Box Tops in a baggie or envelope. Please make sure the teacher’s name is on all submissions. The money earned from this fundraiser helps Home and School provide fun programs for our students throughout the year.

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (Middle States Association or shorter as M.S.A.C.S. or M.S.A.) is a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association dedicated to educational excellence and improvement through peer evaluation and the proper accreditation of public and private universities, colleges, secondary/high schools, and elementary schools in the United States and foreign institutions of American origin. Our Lady of Mercy will be re-accredited from April 10th to April 13th, 2016

Our Team

Internal Coordinators

Caroline Maher

Eighth Grade Teacher/Asst. to the Principal

Natalie Marano

Third Grade Teacher

Planning Team

John McGrath


Linda Reilly

First Grade Teacher

Stephanie Cox

Fourth Grade Teacher

Alison Dudenbostel

Sixth Grade Teacher

Carol Opdyke

Sixth Grade Teacher

Karen Ryan


Caroline Maher

Eighth Grade Teacher/Asst. to the Principal

Natalie Marano

Third Grade Teacher

OLM Home & School News

Upcoming Events:

4/19 General Home and School Meeting, Doors Open at 6:30PM; Starts at 7PM.

5/18 Volunteer Luncheon

6/1 New Kindergarten Families Ice Cream Social

6/6 Golf Outing at Sandy Run

Link to their webpage:

Birthday Blessings this Week

Eichmiller, Alyssa J. Apr 10

Penna, Reese A. Apr 10

Toriello, Nicholas F. Apr 11

Simko, Emily R. Apr 12

McDonnell, Declan J. Apr 13

Bogdon, Olivia N. Apr 14

Citro, Benjamin F. Apr 14

Monsignor McHenry April 15

McGreevey, Evelyn M. Apr 15

McLaughlin, Shane Apr 15

Weidner, Lily Apr 16

Playground at Lunch Recess

Monday, 04/11: Mrs. Ronzoni

Tuesday, 04/12: Ms. Bordoni

Wednesday, 04/13: N/A

Thursday, 04/14: Ms. Duncan

Friday, 04/15: N/A

Lunch Duty Sign-Up:

Two parent volunteers must be on-duty in the school yard - before the playground is open. This ensures the safety of ALL. Our active volunteer program not only provides valuable hands-on assistance through the school, but also benefits the children by reinforcing ties between the children’s individual homes as well as the community at large, and the school. The Lunch/Recess Duty Volunteer program is a great way to volunteer and become involved at the school.

Altar Servers 9AM

Monday, April 11: Nicky Araco

Tuesday, April 12: Teddy Nagle

Wednesday, April 13: Connor Cunningham

Thursday, April 14: Colin Hope

Friday, April 15: Owen McFadden