Math II Weekly Update

Mrs. Smith's Class, Week of March 16

Two Weeks Until Spring Break!

Spring break will be upon us before we know it. The end of next week will mark the beginning of a our break. Before the break, students will finish our Math I Review, take the Midterm Exam and start our study of quadratic equations.

General Updates

I'm in the process of grading projects right now. I know students are eager to see their scores. The goal is to complete grading for all 75 students in Math II by the end of the week and by Monday, 3/23 at the latest.

The Math Midterm will be a cumulative test and students will be tested on topics from the first Unit, up to our Math I Review Unit, which the class will finish on Thursday. Students will receive a mandatory review assignment on Wednesday, and it will be due next Wednesday, March 25. Be on the lookout for more information this week!

Good Things

Last week, students turned in mini-projects as a part of our study on 2D and 3D Geometry. Several students stood out with exceptional work. Please join me in applauding Justin W., Amy M., Josie E., and Heather J. Good job!

Important Dates

  • Thursday, March 19 - Unit 5 Test
  • Wednesday, March 25 - Midterm Review Day*
  • Thursday, March 26 - Math II Midterm (test grade for class)

*Students who are absent on Wednesday (3/25), will still take the Midterm on Thursday (3/26).