Survival Guide For Devon Island

by lexus kelm

The Weathering & Geography

Devon Island is very cold the temperature on a normal day is -17 degrees very cold cloudy and rocky when it snows there still sunshine out it also has beaches when its not snowing.Its very snowy and rocky mountains.

Animal & Plants

MY animal i picked was a polar bear because it can help me find food like fish from the lakes but then it could be real harmful because the bear might eat me for its lunch or dinner. It can be found in the snowy mountains.The 3 plants i picked where the wild berries,vascular plant,shrublands i could it the wild berries and make sure nothing on them but then it can be harmful i might leave some stuff on it.The berries can be found in pannacotta.

Plane crashed & 4 steps to survive

I was in Texas getting on a plane to go travel to Victoria Island to visit some family members who lived there.When we got in the plane we all took our sits in the flight attendant was giving us messages. We took off we have been traveling already for about 9 hours we had about 2 more hours to go then we started to wobble then we started going down real fast but we where not at the airport we where in the middle of nowhere we landed very harsh a lot of people where died there was me and two other people we did not have any service where we were at we could not stay i got some thing from the suitcases i got some jackets. I set off to try to find help it was very snowing I did not have any food i found some kind of berries i made sure there was nothing on them i eat them they where okay. It was already getting sunset i had to find somewhere to sleep i built a shelter out of snow blocks. In the morning i found i little stream of water i drink some of it. That's how i started to survive.