how do tsunamis form

Tsunamis form in many different ways. here are 3. One is a under water landslide. Another reason is a volcanic eruption. Finally the last reason is a meteor crashing into the water. That is the least likely to happen the most likely to happen is the landslide or volcanic eruption.

Why are tsunamis dangerus?

Tsunamis are dangerus in more than 1 way. One is the size and strength because it can nock people over and hurt us. Another reason is the debris inside the because it could be sharp or really heavy. That's why tsunamis are dangerus.

Were do tsunamis usualy form?

Tsunamis usually form on costal states. One of the most dangerus tsunamis formed on the cost. It was the japenese tsunami in 2011. Lots of people lost there lives. That's were tsunamis usually form.

How far can tsunamis form ?

Tsunamis can travel really far. They can travel up to 10 miles. That is 16 whole kilometers. That's how far tsunamis can travel.
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Fun fact

The japenese tsunami was the most dangerus tsunami ever