Color Blindness

Amanda Perdziola

What is Color Blindness?

Color blindness affects a person's ability to tell the difference between shades of red and green or shades of blue and yellow. Complete color blindness is rare which causes a person to see most objects in shades of gray. It is a singe gene mutation founded by John Dalton in 1794.

Does Color Blindness affect the Life Expectancy of an Individual?

Color blindness does not affect and individuals life expectancy. However, if someone has red-green color blindness then they would not be able to tell the difference on a traffic light which can cause a accident that can seriously injure you.

Some Different Kinds of Color Blindness

What are Some of the Symptoms?

-Using the wrong color for an object ex.coloring a red shirt brown

-low attention span when coloring in worksheets

-denial of color issues

-problems identifying red/green color pencils or any color pencils with red or green in its make up

-smelling food before eating

-identification of color may be worse by low level light,small areas of color, or colors of the same shade

-reading issues with coloring pages or work sheets produced with color on color

-children may complain that their eyes hurt if looking at red or green

-excellent sense of smell

ssensitvity to bright lights

Frequently asked Questions

*How common is the disorder?

1 in every 12 men or 1 in every 200 woman

*Is it a recessive, dominant, or sex-linked trait?


*Which chromosome is the gene located on?

on the X-chromosome

*Is color blindness more likely to occur in certain populations?

Men are more likey to get color blindness because inherited color blindness is on the X- chromosome. Since woman have 2 X-chromosomes, one could makeup for the other one with color blindness.

*Are there environmental factors or influences?

Yes things like chronic illness, accidents, medications, industrial or environmental chemicals or age.

What Diagnostic Tests are Preformed to Determine if an Individual has Color Blindness?

There are any tests available to measure if you have color blindness but the Ishihara Plate test is the most common. Another famous test is the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Color Vision Test also the Color Arrangement Test and the RGB Anomaloscope.

Is there any Way to Prevent Color Blindness?

There is no way to prevent color blindness if you are born with it. If you aren't born with it them you can keep away from the factors that cause color blindness such as exposure to toxins and certain drugs.

Are there any Support Groups currently in Existence for Color Blindness?

Color Blind Awareness

National Federation of the Blind

Pa Association for the