Learning Target #5

By: Andrew Olson

My Definition of Innovation to Society

I think that innovation is something that changed to society that we live in or something that happened in the past impacted the future.

The Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act was a innovation to society because it changed the way people thought and thanked about Indians. This involved indians, US. This happened in 1830. This happened mostly in Georgia. This happened because Andrew Jackson did not like the indians and Georgia forced him to enforce it. Andrew Jackson did this because he signed a paper declaring this to happen and he was a president after all.

The Mill Workers

The Mill workers was a innovation to society because when the factors was invented they needed people to work for them so woman had a changes to work and get out instead of working from home. This Involved people, city's, and the us. This happened in 1840. This mostly happen in the north. They needed this because the needed people to work for them. The had people live at there and said that they would get good money and benefits.

The Missouri Compromise

The Missouri Compromise was the (36,30) line that went through the bottom of Missouri and the states that were below the line was slave and above the line was free (Missouri was slave). This involved states, people, usa, slaves. This happen in 1820. This was in the south and north. Why because it was getting mix up with new states coming in who was free and not. The people signed it and it was only temporally.

The Cotton Gin

The Cotton Gin was a innovation to society because it help the people who pick cotton get the seeds out. It helped them because they did not just sit there and get seeds out anymore and it went very fast so they would mean that they would produce more cotton and money. This impacted help because it helped the country and it income because they could make more things fast like cloths and then more people would get more cloths to survive more.

Steam Powered Transportation

Steam Powered Transportation was cars or tractors the was pulled by steam. Who John Stevens, people, usa. This happened in 1790 - 1820. This happened in the south and some in the north. This happened because John thought that it would be cool the make a invention. He used some metal, water, wheels.