Birth and Womens Center Dallas

Affordable Natural Birthing at The Birth & Women’s

About Birth and Womens Center Dallas

Based in Dallas, Texas, the Birth & Women’s Center offers women the opportunity for natural childbirth outside the hospital, at about a third of a hospital’s cost. It has been offering this affordable alternative to an in-hospital delivery since its establishment in 1993, when it became the first Dallas-area birthing facility to be staffed by Certified Nurse-Midwives. In its 21 years of service, the Birth & Women’s Center has been the site of more than 2,250 natural childbirths performed without medication.

Located in the Swiss Avenue historic district, this valuable resource for expectant families welcomes women to its 100-year-old Victorian-style home to give birth in a warm, home-like setting. Many mothers labor in water, and some choose to remain in the water for the birth. Fathers, who play little or no role in hospital deliveries, are encouraged to become active participants in their baby’s natural childbirth.

While natural childbirth is the focus of the Birth & Women’s Center’s activities, its professionals pay great attention to both prenatal and postpartum care. The baby’s health is monitored at regular visits, and expectant mothers receive teaching on best practices for nutrition and exercise. In the months following their babies’ birth, most new moms return for the monthly Maternatea, a gathering of new mothers that culminates in a Circle of Babies picture. A more thorough explanation of the center’s services is available at