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April is AWESOME

I am so ON FIRE for our team. I couldn't be more proud or excited at all the goals I see you all reaching. For some of you it's been about getting back into the groove of things and booking your first show after a long winters break or sponsoring your first stylist, earning your first incentive, beating your best month, paying off your credit card debt, earning the summer collection for FREE, booking your flights to FL for Hoopla, or gearing up for a really big promotion. There are so many beautiful faces and stories that come to mind. THIS IS WHAT BEING A LEADER IS ALL ABOUT. Thank you for choosing this team to share your dreams with. It is truly an honor.

This month I am laser focused on growing our team. I want everyone to experience the joy of being a leader. On top of YOUR NEW STYLIST who will earn an additional $100 for joining you're going to earn the CITY SLIM CLUTCH! That's right. EVERYONE who SPONSORS in April is earning the clutch. Something for her and something for you and a growing business to both of you as you journey together! Who do you know that loves fashion or needs flexibility or extra income? Which one of your friends hates her job, is getting ready to have a baby, or is saving for something special? Don't be afraid, reach out. You'll both be so glad you did. HAPPY SPONSORING.


New Stylist must have one or more trunk shows booked in the system by April 30th

Sponsoring Stylist must sell $1000 by April 30th

Be sure to attend April's Meet Up where you can get inspired, view the brand new summer collection, and connect with other local stylists.
SoCal Stylists can register here:

Not in SoCal? You're not alone. Visit the EVENTS tab in the lounge to find your local meet up or connect with your sponsor.

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Look Who Promoted!

Liz Chow - Lead Stylist

Marie Keaney - Lead Stylist

Top 10 in Sales

1 Elizabeth Chow $4,425.28

2 Brianna McGeachy $4,053.44

3 Lyndsey Reyes $3,323.46

4 Charity Bohuslavizki $2,832.54

5 Leanne Geiss $2,317.00

6 Marie Keaney $2,312.63

(all stylists who sell more than $2308 earn 30% commission!!!)

7 Shannon Smith $2,002.20

8 April Gimenez $1,857.81

9 Apryl Monte $1,612.04

10 Aurelie Loria $1,583.94

Top in Qualified Sponsoring

Qualified 2 New Stylists:

Charity Bohuslavizki

Qualified 1 New Stylist:

Liz Chow

Marie Keaney

April Gimenez

Welcome New Stylists

Evelyn Ramirez

Michelle Dunn

Saede Lussier

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