PRMS Parent Newsletter

Week of August 29th, 2022

Principal's Message

PRMS Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

We are excited to have all three grade levels on campus tomorrow for the official start of the 2022-23 school year!

We threw a lot of information at the students last week and we hope they had fun learning about their classmates and our staff. This week we will continue to learn about one another and familiarize our students with classroom and building expectations.

Thank You, to everyone that was able to make it to Open House last week, it was great to have such a positive turnout! As stated in our Open House presentation, I have included a copy of our cell phone policy below. The students heard this message last week from me as well and did an amazing job listening, understanding and adhering to the policy. Thank you for your support!!

Please be sure to review the information outlined below and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Brad Watkins, Principal

PRMS Arrival & Departure

  • School Hours - 7:15 AM - 2:15 PM
  • DOORS OPEN for STUDENTS at 7:00 AM
  • Bus riders will be dropped off at the side door by the cafeteria.
  • Car riders will be dropped off at the FRONT of the building and utilize BOTH entrances in located at the North and South ends of the building.
  • Walkers will use the front entrances with the car riders.
  • Students are tardy after 7:15 AM. If a student arrives after 7:15 AM they will need to be dropped off at the main office to get a tardy pass.
  • At dismissal, all students will exit the same doors they entered in the morning.

Cell Phone Policy

  1. Cell phones may be used on school grounds before school and after school.

  2. Cell phone use is prohibited in restrooms, locker rooms, classrooms, cafeteria, and hallways. They are also prohibited in school offices unless otherwise permitted by an administrator.

  3. During the instructional day, including bell changes, cell phones must remain out of sight and off.

  4. All headphones (includes wireless) may only be used before and after school hours. The only exception is when a teacher allows students to use headphones connected to a school issued Chromebook during class.

  5. Cell phones must be placed in lockers, backpacks, or another location away from students and their desks during tests and assessments, no exceptions.

  6. If students need to place an emergency phone call during the day, they should request to go to the main office to place the call.

  7. Students will be subject to disciplinary action if they use their cell phone during instruction or if their cell phone use disrupts the school’s educational environment. Disruption to the school environment examples include, but are not limited to, the following: cheating, bullying, harassment, unlawful recording or photographing, violating other school rules.

  8. The school and its staff are not responsible for any damage to or theft of a student’s cell phone. Students must properly secure and take care of their own phones

Picture Day

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ProgressBook is a website for viewing your child’s schedule, grades, completed/missing assignments, and report cards. It is vital for each parent and student to have an account. Report cards will not be sent home, so the only way to access report cards is through ProgressBook.

If you or your child haven’t already set up a ProgressBook account here is the link to get you started You will need a registration key provided by the school in order to sign up. Call the main office at (513) 851-2400 and one of the secretaries will be able to provide you with your registration key. You may also email them at or

Live School

We will be using LiveSchool again this year for our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) at PRMS. Students will be able to gain positive points for their outstanding behavior during the school day. Students can also earn negative points if they are not displaying appropriate behavior during the school day. With these points students can cash them out for different prizes and rewards.

As parents you can create an account in LiveSchool that will show you how your student is doing each day. You will also get a weekly recap each Friday evening. Students will be coming home with online access codes parents and guardians can use to create an account.

Students are able to also see their daily points on their account by signing in through Clever.


PaySchools is the online website used for paying student fees, loading snack money to your child's lunch account, or paying sports fees for pay to play. PRMS is a NO CASH or CHECK school, so in order to pay for any of the above you must create a PaySchools account and use a debit or credit card. The PRMS cafeteria also doesn't accept any cash, so in order for your child to purchase snacks or extras at lunch they must have money loaded on their PaySchools account. Click the link below to create a PaySchools account and add money.

Main Office - (513) 851-2400

Secretary: Mrs. Terri Lonaker -

Secretary: Mrs. Joyce Goshdigian -


Mr. Brad Watkins -

Assistant Principal

Ms. Alison Dreisbach -

Dean of Students

6th and 7th Grade: Mr. Sid Imhoff -

6th and 8th Grade: Mrs. Jana Lewis -

Guidance Counselors

Mrs. Katie Haas (6th Grade) -

Ms. Autumn Christen (7th Grade) -

Mr. Adam Combs (8th Grade) -

PRMS Spirit Shop

Click the link below to access the PRMS Spirit Shop to purchase some PRMS apparel and merchandise.