A Christmas Carol

Coming to a library Near you !

The book A Christmas Carol By:Charles Dicken's is an amusing book where the main character,Scrooge changes his future for people to appreciate him more.

In the beginning,the reader sees Scrooge as an old,and grumpy man that never gets happy throughout the book. I did agree on that when I first saw him,but I kept reading because I wanted to know if he would change. However,that all changes when the 3 different spirits come to visit him. Each one taught him a specific lesson that would impact him. He himself and his family were surprised as how much he has changed. Lastly,you would want to read this book because of the figurative language,and the pictures. I thought that the pictures were admirable,and so might you ! The figurative language gives a better understanding of the book. Without the figurative language,it's like a puzzle missing its last piece. In conclusion,if you like a book that has a person going on a journey to have a bright future,and for people to appreciate them,this is the type of book for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy it !

Sacrifices Made !

One sacrifice Scrooge had made was for him to sacrifice his present and past to get a better future and for people to appreciate him more. One sacrifice I have made in the past was when I was going to Ethopia in 2012 I had to sacrifice not seeing my relatives and my dad for 2 whole months !