Much Ado About Nothing

By: Dana Wasielewski


The theme for Much Ado About Nothing, inspired by Shakespeare can represent many, symbols or meanings, but the most important theme is love. In the song How to Save a Life, by the Fray, it can represent love throughout the movie because it speaks about how love can be painful, by arguments, someones death and more. For example this happened when Claudio called hero a "whore"in front of there wedding day. But,towards the end of the song it talks about how love can be a healing factor after you lost someone you truly love, which can relate, since Claudio had "lost" Hero from her so called death. All in all, the theme, love, is the greatest factor throughout the play to give the movie the ultimate tragicomedy.
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The Fray - How to Save a Life

Casting the Characters:


In the movie Much Ado About Nothing, originally created by Shakespeare, the main three plots of the story are the following; Don John planning to ruin the wedding, Claudio ruin Heros, and his own wedding, and when Claudio and Hero get back together. First, Don John planned on ruining the wedding because he wanted revenge at his brother, Don John. But since Don John thinks that Claudio was in the way, he decided to take revenge on him anyway. Next, another plot is when Claudio decided to ruin his and Hero's wedding. In addition, he only did it because he false witnessed Hero having an affair with a stranger. Though it was bad enough that he refused to marry her, he had to say the worst named to her, a "whore". Finally, with all the shock from Hero, there was a planned that she would die from grief. Even though Claudio and the others thought she was dead, it turns out hat Claudio wanted to pay back and marry Hero's cousin. When he waits for the new bride it turns out it was Hero and then everything lives happily ever after, except for Don john.