Immigrants and Urban Challenges

By: Julianna Beckley

Middle Class

The middle class was the economic level between the wealthy and the poor. They built large, dignified homes that demonstrated their place in society.


Nativists were Americans and others who opposed immigration.

What led to growth of cities?

Two things that led to growth of the cities were an enriched cultural life and entertainment.

How did the rise of industrialization and growth of cities change American Society?

The rise of industrialization and growth of cities changed American Society because public and private transportation were limited it caused city residents to live near their work space.

What were tenements?

Tenements were poorly designed buildings that housed large numbers of people.
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What problems affected American cities in the 1800s?

Some problems that affected American cities in the 1800's were that there was poor public services, New York City suffered Cholera epidemics in 1832 and 1849, and also the cities had challenges with the rapid population growth.

Pull Factors of Immigration

  • Jobs
  • Greater freedom
  • Equality
  • Abundant land

Push Factors of Immigration

  • Starvation
  • Poverty
  • Lack of political freedom

Similarities and Differences between German Immigrants and the Irish Immigrants

Some differences between the Irish immigrants and the German immigrants were that the Irish immigrants were leaving because they were running out of food from a potato disease and the German immigrants wanted to leave because some Germans had staged a revolution against harsh rule and other educated Germans fled to the US to escape persecution caused by their political activities. A similarity between the Germans and Irish immigrants are that they both had some sort of Catholic religion.

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