The Stevens' Selection

February 12, 2016

Field Trips!

Bowling Field Trip

Our students had a blast at the bowling field trip this Monday. They were able to practice scoring their games by hand and even got to enjoy some moonlit bowling time.

Veteran's Museum & Wisconsin State Capitol

This was a very informative and history based field trip for our students. They had an excellent time building on their knowledge of the civil war and deepened their knowledge of Wisconsin's history. See the pictures below of your student in action!

A Message From the School Nurse

We have been seeing a few cases of head lice in our schools. Head lice are small, flat, grayish insects that lay eggs (nits) at various places in the hair. Nits are pearly, white eggs that look like teardrops and are glued tight onto the hair shaft. The areas around the ears and at the nape of the neck are especially prone to infestation- be sure to check here.

Lice, while a nuisance, do not spread disease. Primary symptom is intense itching.

With so many students in this district, we need your help in this matter!

Please check your child(ren) for head lice several times a month.

If your child(ren) ends up with lice:

  •  It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to treat and remove (pick) the nits
  •  Keep them home until they have been treated and you do not find any live lice
  •  Once treated the child may return to school but will be rechecked as needed at school if more nits are found OR live lice are present you will be contacted and your child will be sent home immediately for further treatment.

Tips for your child on how to avoid getting head lice:

  • Encourage them to put their hats and scarves inside their coat sleeves when they take them off.
  • Discourage sharing of clothing items, hats, scarves, combs/hair brushes, and hair scrunchies/headbands and other personal items.
  • Children with long hair are encouraged to wear their hair in a braid or ponytail.

Questions? Call the school nurse office at 563-7805. Thank you for your cooperation!

This Week...

Everyday Math

The Unit 6 math test and progress reports were sent home with your student on Tuesday. Unit 7 will focus more on fractions and their values.

Unit 7 topics include:

  • Fractional values of shapes
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Addition and Subtraction of common denominators
  • Comparing fractions
  • Creating a line plot based on fractional values.


In both reader's and writer's workshop students are being introduced to the genre of argumentative speech. Over the next couple of weeks your student will learn about persuasion, characteristics of a persuasive speech, and how to give a persuasive speech.

Important Dates to Remember

February 19th - Noon Dismissal