2018 Band Festival - Wind Ensemble

Itinerary Status: FINAL

This schedule is currently being worked on. Everything is subject to change at this time.

Flushing High School

Saturday, March 3rd, 12am

5039 Deland Road

Flushing, MI

Full Competition Schedule

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Wind Ensemble Daily Schedule

  • 12:45pm Students arrive at GBHS and load buses
  • 1:15pm Students depart for Flushing HS
  • 2:00pm Arrive at Flushing HS report to coat room / unload truck (wait for instructions)

  • 2:55pm Warm-up begins (set-up crew to back stage)
  • 3:30pm GBHS Wind Ensemble Performs
  • 4:00pm Sight reading
  • 4:30pm Return to coat room, put instruments away, wait for rating
  • 5:00pm Load buses and depart for GBHS
  • 5:45pm Arrive in GB and put instruments away

Student Reminders

  1. Eat something before you come.
  2. Come dressed in full uniform
  3. Black socks and black shoes REQUIRED to participate.
  4. No coat rooms at this show, so leave valuables at the school.


Concert uniform. Please remember, black shoes and socks. Students are expected to be in full uniform when they get off the bus at Flushing.


All school rules apply while on this trip. Any student that chooses to break a school rule will not be permitted to perform and a parent may be asked to come and pick up the student. Students will be dealt with by an administrator on Monday.


Students are expected to ride to the festival on the transportation provided by the school. A student may leave with a parent, ONLY if they fill out a RIDE HOME RELEASE FORM, signed by a parent, PRIOR to the festival date.


All instruments, except for percussion and tubas, will be carried on the buses with the students. Every student is expected to take care of themselves in regards to caring and protecting their instruments.


A coat room will be assigned to us to put our coats and instruments cases in when we arrive at Flushing. We CANNOT play instruments in the coat room at anytime! Students can put their instruments together and blow warm air into their horns, but we can not play in the coat room.

Ride Home Release Form

Any student that wants to ride home with their parent must fill out a ride home release form. This is due at the start of rehearsal on Friday. This form can be placed in the director's basket at the front of the band room.

Just a reminder for those of you who turned in a Ride Home Release Form for tonight's competition. You will sign your student(s) out at our assigned home room after the awards ceremony.

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Your support is GREATLY appreciated and NEEDED. Your son or daughter has been working since the Holiday Concert for this performance. Please help me keep this stressful day running smoothly by following the guidelines below. We are still in need for chaperones. If you are interested, please let us know. THANK YOU!

Picking up Your Student

Please make sure that you have someone available to pick up your student promptly at the end of our day. We advise students to call home on their cell phone prior to arriving back at the high school.

Coat-Room and Warm-Up Room:

We will be working hard to keep the students focused on their performance. Unless you are a chaperone, please wait till after the performance to say "hi" to your son or daughter. I will be asking that only chaperones be allowed in these rooms. The less distractions the better for the students.

Audio and Video Taping:

According to the rules and guidelines of MSBOA, no one is allowed to audio tape or video tape any part of the performance. (concert or sight reading) Audio and video taping this performance breaks copyright laws. Any video cameras or audio taping devices will be removed by a MSBOA official.


Parents and friends are allowed and encouraged to watch the band in sight reading. Please feel free to follow the band into the sight reading room after the concert performance. Again, keeping the students focused is very important to their success. If you have a small child ...please stand by the exit for that 'quick getaway'.
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Parents Click Here to Volunteer

Click here to volunteers as a chaperone.

Or E-mail Shannon at ... gbbandboosters2@gmail.com


Maps, staging areas, truck parking, bus parking, etc.