Jack Bowen


Father: Scott Bowen

Mother: Kyleen Bowen

Brother: Sam Bowen

pet: Ruby


Jack Bowen was born in Tamara Private Hospital, Tamworth NSW on Saturday morning at 9am. A healthy baby boy weighing 8lb, 12oz and measuring 153cm long on the 19th of July 2003. Due to his fathers work then moved to Victoria in 2005 staying only 1 year before returning back to NSW in 2006. Due to his fathers work commitments then moved to Queensland in 2008.

School and Education

Jack Bowen Started Pre School in Tamworth NSW at a place called Saint Marks Pre School at the age of three in 2006. Moving to Queensland in 2008, then began Primary School at Jubilee in 2009, where he started Prep with Mrs Stewart, continuing his education at Jubilee, where he is currently in year six with Mrs Baron. With intentions of continuing his Highschool education at Helensvale Highschool in their AFL Excellence program.

Most Amazing Achievement

Jack Bowen's most amazing achievement for him was when he was chosen to try out for hinterland district and being selected to go to the next level south coast trials unfortunately he wasn't selected to go to south coast but he thought getting to the trials was the greatest thing that he achieved.


I was in my pram and a little kid came up to me and bit me on the arm and left a massive bruise in the shape of a bite mark so the rest of the time when I was NSW I would always bite things.