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Fairbanks, Alaska





I will be taking you on a trip to visit Fairbanks, Alaska. This brochure will give you all the information you need to know about the trip! We will be going from Anchorage to Fairbanks Alaska. Fairbanks has some of the most extreme weather in the world. Their summers are usually warm, with temperatures reaching often reaching 90 degrees. Their winters are very cold and dry, with temperatures sometimes dropping down to -60 degrees. They get an average rainfall of 10.83 inches and an average snowfall of 65 inches. Their landscapes are mountains, glaciers, active volcanoes, and huge tracks of forested land. On this trip we will be doing three activities while we are there. They will be: going on a polar bear expedition, watching the Aurora lights, and sight seeing. We will be there for three days and the trip will cost approximately $1,600.


You will all get a survival bag provided to you on this trip. One plant you will be able to eat on the trip is a blackberry. These are a very common fruit that grows on bushes. One animal you will be able to eat is caribou, we will be capturing the caribou with only what is in our survival bag. So we will use our compass to get to the caribou then we will use the parachute chord to capture the caribou and tie it up so it can't get away. Then we will use our pocket knife to skin the caribou so we can prepare it to be eaten. Last but not least will will use our Vaseline covered cotton balls and a lighter to start a fire so we can cook the caribou and eat it. We will get our water from the Chena river. We will use our compass to navigate ourselves to the river where we will collect our water in a hollowed out the log, then we will bring it to a boil to get rid of all the bacteria so it is safe to drink. While we are on our trip we will need to watch out for a few things...One thing we will need to watch out for is the cold temperature, so make sure to bring warm clothing and some blankets! You also won't want to provoke the animals because they may attack, so just try to not feed them or tease them. Last but not least you want to watch out for snow and ice it is very slippery, with that being said make sure you bring shoes with good traction and if you leave the group bring a buddy so if you fall and get hurt they can get help just incase you can't reach anyone else. *Be sure to remember the only thing you can bring on the trip is camping gear, activity gear, clothing and your survival bag. No outside food, water or weapons are allowed on the trip!*

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The air quality in is one ecological problem in Fairbanks, Alaska. This problem is caused by burning wood. They are trying to fix this problem by trying to prohibit wood burning stoves.