Road Safety

Speed in Young Drivers


Speed is a dumb choice drivers make. They could be influenced to do this by peer pressure from passengers, late for something and/or just want to look 'cool' in front of their friends. Young drivers are risking their own lives and others for these reasons above. Young drivers should be lectured and instructed correctly on these influences and ways to make a better choice.


. Speed related deaths are just over half of the deaths on the road.

. Speed related injuries are a lot higher then any other cause of injury.

. 2002 recorded the most speeding deaths in a single year (256)

. Victoria have the least amount of road deaths. Some say this is because of there in depth, specific and graphical advertisements.

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Speed ad - Mistakes

Improve The Behavior

The behavior of young drivers are being deeply affected by many things. One minute your checking your phone and not 100% focused on the road, the next